Afrobeat Fit Takeover – The Hot Yoga Spot, Albany, NY

Girlnetic is powered by female fitness forces inspired to inspire, and prides itself for being 100% volunteer-operated by women passionate about giving back to the community. But none of it would be possible if it weren’t for the business and brand partners who work with us to keep our audience engaged and interested in the things that we do. And we are always looking to collaborate with others who share our mission!

By working with us, you are helping fulfill our mission to do our part to make the world a better place because 100% of proceeds from these efforts benefit local charitable organizations and causes that educate, empower, provide support and advocate for girls and women.

If you are a brand, local business, community organization, group and/or individual who want to reach the growing population of females interested in fitness, sports, and adventure, in the Northeastern USA and across the nation, here are some of the ways we can work together:

For Individuals: Become A Contributor

The foundation of Girlnetic is made up of WOMEN JUST LIKE YOU who volunteer their time, skills, and joy for this kind of stuff to help inspire and encourage other women to pursue a health and fitness journey towards a well-balanced, happy (and adventurous!) life. You don’t have to be an expert–you just have to be passionate about this stuff. Learn more about how you can help power Girlnetic.

For Businesses: Partner with Girlnetic

Host a “Grrls Day Out!”: If you want face time with members of our community who live in your area, then hosting a “Grrls Day Out!” event is your best bet. Events can be as simple as a 1-hour fitness class or as elaborate as an all-day adventure tour. We will work closely with you, from planning to promotion, to make sure you that you have all you need to host a successful event with a high turnout rate! Contact us to start planning.

Request Girlnetic Participation: Already have an event you are hosting, or have a new product/service you are launching? Whether attending an event or sampling a product/service, Girlnetic can participate in your marketing efforts to help you collect feedback or spread the word and reach a broader audience. Contact us to learn more about what we can do for you.

SurfSet Fitness – Best Fitness, Albany, NY

List Your Business, Group, and/or Event:  We help women start their own journey by providing a user-friendly directory of local providers, groups, and events that can assist them make the most of their playtime. If you fall into any of these categories, whether in fitness, sports, or adventure, you can reach our growing audience of active females by listing your business, group and/or event–FOR FREE! Add/claim your listing now.

For Brands: Sponsor a Girlnetic Program/Event

Whether through our stories, our online community or social network, or at our events, we have many opportunities for brands to get in front of our audience. What that is will highly depend on your brand’s objective and can be designed to meet your brand’s needs. Get in touch with us to discuss how Girlnetic can help get you closer to your brand’s marketing goals.

Do you have ideas to collaborate we didn’t mention? Contact us today to talk about other ways we can work together. As long as it aligns with our mission, we are open to suggestions! And if you haven’t yet, connect with us on FacebookInstagram, Google+, Twitter, and YouTube for the latest adventures, news, and updates.