#Grrlpower – Hudson Gorge, Indian Lake, NY

Fitness, sports, and adventure guide for women. Powered by female fitness forces inspired to inspire and make a difference.

Girlnetic is an online guide and support community for women interested in fitness, sports, and adventure. Powered by female fitness forces inspired to inspire and make a difference, Girlnetic aims to awaken and nurture the inner fitness fanatic, athlete, and adventurer in all females, regardless of fitness level or skill, and all the other qualities which make each journey unique.

True to the name, Girlnetic began in November 2011 as an excuse for a small group of girlfriends to get together and share their love for fitness. Over time, Girlnetic evolved into a lifestyle media brand and community that elevates stories, local opportunities, groups, and individuals to empower women to grow, step out of their comfort zone, and unleash their inner Girlnetic.

Girl + Kinetic = Girlnetic

Because to Girlnetic, the world is a playground and life is one big adventure. Whether in the beginning or nearing the end, Girlnetic’s mission is to educate, encourage, connect, and support women on their health and fitness journey so that it continues on the path of a well-balanced, happy (and adventurous!) life.

We are excited to be on this journey with you! 😀

Girlnetic is a result of a collaborative effort and prides itself for being 100% community-operated by women passionate about healthy and active living and giving back to the community. Proceeds from Girlnetic efforts benefit local charitable organizations and causes that educate, empower, provide support, and advocate for girls and women.

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