How I Got Through COVID-19: A Special Tribute To HiiT It With Britt

The COVID-19 crisis brought a lot of challenges to many people’s lives, including staying healthy and active while in quarantine. Fitness Lover Jenna Rankert shares how she was able to cope–thanks to the team at HiiT It With Britt. Here’s her tribute to the popular fitness community.

Remember freshman year of college and the freshman 15? You know, that first semester of school, you ate a bunch of late night pizza or boxed mac and cheese–totally sober, of course. Don’t worry graduating class of 2024, you’ll still get yours. Only we’re all on the same page.

Yup, I’m talking about the “Corona 15”.

On March, everything in New York shut down. Good bye gyms, team sports, restaurants, smiles and happiness. Life stopped. So what did half of us do? We bought everything we could get our hands on in the grocery store, eat it in a week, and drink way too much wine.

Or, maybe that was just me?

The myriad of thoughts that went through the brains of most fitness-minded individuals ranged from How am I going to get my daily workout in? to What’s left in the fitness aisles of Target and Walmart? or How fast can Amazon ship that dumbbell set to my house?? I know resistance and monster bands became my best friends.

Luckily, I was able to sigh a brief breath of relief because I am a part of the most AMAZING gym community. You may have read about my first time taking a class at HiiT It With Britt in early 2019. After that class, I was hooked. I have been an unlimited monthly member of HIWB since.

Social Distancing w/ HiiT – HiiT It With Britt – Albany, NY

The camaraderie and support that gym provides is like no other. Let me tell you, this gym STEPPED IT UP during this pandemic. Brittney, the gym owner, and her team showed up when everything was shutting down. The whole squad is a force to be reckoned with. Never once, did I feel alone or like my workout routine would be compromised.

HIWB took to Facebook Live, added all their members, and started doing virtual workouts. The virtual LIVE workouts turned into ZOOM workouts a few times a week so we could all root each other on and get called out for quitting, like the good ole’ days.

This finally progressed into outdoor workouts which are dirty, sweaty.. and glorious. HIWB has been bumped from multiple locations, fielding complaint after complaint and just kept pushing on. Britt and her team have an unstoppable drive that inspires her members daily. The Capital District is lucky to have a boss like her in the trenches.

I will reluctantly admit, I did gain the “COVID-15”. But what I didn’t lose was my motivation. I still got up everyday, worked out with my squad, and my two year old son. I knew I had a team to support me and help me over come the stressors that came with quarantine.

Now, gyms finally got the green light to open back up with strict regulations. I hope that those of you reading this article give HIWB a shot. You aren’t just joining a gym, you’d be joining a community. Something I think we all need more of right now. To sign up for your first class at HiiT It With Britt, visit