Female Fitness Force: Anna-Rita Sloss, Creator of HOT HULA fitness®

Anna-Rita Sloss’ transformative journey began over ten years ago when she reached 210 pounds and realized she needed to make lifestyle changes to gain her self-confidence back. She joined 24 Hour Fitness where she shed 75 pounds by participating in Turbo Kick® classes offered, and through this experience found motivation and committed to living a healthier lifestyle. Soon after, and with the guidance of her mentor Chalene Johnson, she decided to teach fitness and became a master trainer for Turbo Kick® where she trained instructors and appeared in many of its videos and infomercials.

With a new mindset, healthier body, and reclaimed energy, Anna-Rita realized she wanted to do more to make a difference in the lives of others, particularly “igniting and supporting an individual’s passion for dance, wellness and family”. Encouraged by friends to create her own formats, this Samoan beauty decided to pay tribute to her Polynesian heritage and culture while incorporating her love for hip-hop and reggae.


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There was a need to create a unique program that represented my culture,” Anna-Rita explains. A true fitness entrepreneur and advocate, the passion and excitement was apparent in her tone of voice, “And I already had [24 Hour Fitness as] the platform to be able to do it on a broader scale. I choreographed different movements from the Islands of the Pacific into a siva (dance routine) where the actual choreography was broken down to the Polynesian drum beats. Incorporating my fitness background and roots, this non-stop one hour class became an instant hit!”

In June 2009, Anna-Rita Sloss Enterprise LLC was formed to provide this Polynesian-inspired workout she named HOT HULA fitness®. It was introduced two months later by 24 Hour Fitness at the IDEA World Fitness Conference.

“HOT HULA fitness® is strong, sexy and spirited,” she continues, “It’s a 60-minute total body workout that isolates and engages the core and builds endurance. It’s designed for ladies (and men) of different sizes, for every type of body. We even have a version for seniors called Matua. And the bigger the booty, the better!”


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Today, HOT HULA fitness® is an internationally-recognized total body core workout, with over 9,000 certified instructors worldwide and 12,000 classes offered monthly. It has been featured in many national publications and TV shows including America’s Next Top Model.

Entering its tenth year in business, HOT HULA fitness® continues to be a popular class among women of all ages. What motivates Anna-Rita to keep this fitness program alive and strong? She replies, “My members. Seeing the transformation of my members. It’s not about losing weight–it’s about the people in the back who are usually shy and reserved gaining confidence in themselves, being good to themselves, seeing them happy.”

This journey has brought many rewards into Anna-Rita’s life, but the one she appreciates the most? “Seeing my family be proud of me. When I started, my daughter was only 15–she started this with me. Family motivates me and to see your children be proud of you, there is no better reward.”


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But just like with any entrepreneurial endeavors, success doesn’t happen without challenges. She has faced and overcame many while building her brand over the years, but the biggest challenge she faces today? “With so many new fitness programs popping up everyday, the biggest challenge is coming up with new workouts to keep things fresh. But we always try to change it up, mix it up–we bring in live drummers, update the music, etc.”

And how does a female fitness force like Anna-Rita recover from feeling defeated? “I wouldn’t say I’ve ever felt defeated, but I regularly need to refuel. Around May/June every year, I try to go back to Hawai’i or New Zealand to hang out with the locals, eat local food, be with family to be re-inspired and to re-ignite the fire within me. This usually does the trick, [triggering] memories from happiness. After a week of being back home, I’m ready to get going again.”


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When asked what words of encouragement she would give someone intimidated to try out HOT HULA fitness® for the first time, she suggests, “Don’t be. You can start from home. There are free 15-minute classes available online to learn the basics and help you become comfortable with the moves and routine. And at class, you are given a lavalava to make you feel like you are part of the family. ”

And what’s next for Anna-Rita and HOT HULA fitness®? She answers, “In October, we will be celebrating our 10th Anniversary in [my hometown in] SoCal. We also plan to continue to branch out worldwide!”

To learn more about Anna-Rita, find a HOT HULA fitness® (or HOT Fusion®) class near you, check out free practice videos, or learn more about the teacher-training program, visit www.Anna-Rita.com

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