Bring Out Your Inner Beast: Boxing at Free Style Fitness [Video]

Fitness Freak Jacquie Rosenbaum was forced to look beyond running as her main method of exercise when she tore her hip. That’s when she was introduced to boxing at Free Style Fitness in Albany, NY, where she quickly fell in love. Here’s her story.

All-Around Athlete

I’ve been at athlete for as long as I can remember; from running around the neighborhood with my siblings and friends, to playing basketball and field hockey.

I LOVE competitive sports. That feeling of not only winning, but being part of a team to outsmart and outplay your opponent. There’s nothing like it. But I knew sports would eventually come to an end and finding a career would take over.

Throughout college, managing my stress level was done through mostly running and I would think, “Okay, I still got it!” After college, I trained for a half marathon, which didn’t agree with my hip. A labral tear and a cortisone shot later forced me to realize I couldn’t continue running, knowing how much damage it would do to my hip. I knew I had to find an alternative that would endure less impact to my joints. This led me to my love of weight training.

Fitness Turning Point

Which brings me to today. Working as an Orthopedic Surgery Physician Assistant can be stressful mentally and physically. As a result, I did HIIT training/weight lifting to manage my stress in this new role. However, the impact of HIIT exercises started to catch up with me.. AGAIN. I became discouraged and thought, “If only I didn’t run as much while in college and after college, then I probably wouldn’t be in this position.”

FALSE. It was bound to happen with my athletic past. I thought, “What do I do?” I took a few weeks off to re-evaluate my training in order to stay healthy. I wasn’t hopeful. I needed a new perspective and some inspiration.

I connected with Free Style Fitness on Facebook and watched countless boxing videos from their classes. I had an inner dialogue with myself, “I’ve always wanted to do that. Nah, I would look stupid. It’s so intimidating starting a sport that I know nothing about.” I got connected with Curtis, boxing coach and one of the studio owners, and he encouraged me to come try a class. It was THE BEST decision I ever made and I was hooked after the first class.

Feel Like A Beast

I was super intimidated walking into a new gym where everyone knew each other. Not to mention going to a class where most of the people have been boxing for years. However, I felt welcome from the start, thanks to all the friendly instructors. Curtis pulled me aside before the class started and showed me the 7 basic punches and stances. Wait, what is 3 again?! Yup, super overwhelming and challenging. But I was determined to learn this new sport.  

Fast forward to three months later and I am absolutely in love. I mean, what could be better than punching and kicking things for stress relief, right?! It goes way beyond that. It is empowering as a woman to feel like a beast, but more importantly, it can be used for self-defense. Best of all, boxing is the time I have to myself where I can turn my brain off for an hour from everything going on in my life to focus on something fun and challenging.

Boxing is the type of sport where you improve after each class. It has challenged my mental toughness to a point I never expected! I encourage any woman to step outside their comfort zone to try something new and give boxing a try! Let your body experience something completely out of your norm, I guarantee you will get hooked. Schedule your first session at

Video: Curtis Groff/Free Style Fitness