Why Everyone in the Capital Region Needs to HiiT It With Britt
All smiles w/ HIWB Owner, Brittany Burnham

Long-time fitness lover and new mama Jenna Rankert decided it was time for her to get back to working out after having her baby boy 11 months ago. Intimated by the photos she’s seen on Instagram, she hesitantly signs up for training with Hiit It With Britt–but was glad she did. Here’s why. 

Getting Back Into Fitness

I’m going to paint a picture. It’s a cold Saturday morning at 9:10 AM in the Central Avenue Warehouse District, and there is a line of cars looking for parking. As I find a spot to park, I see sweaty, happy people pouring out of the HiiT It With Britt front door.

Seeing all of those energized peeps of different shapes, sizes, and genders made me relax a little. I had been out of practice after having a baby 10 months ago, and still not loving my post baby body, I was feeling extremely self-conscious about this workout. I mean have you seen the HIWB Instagram?!? The HIWB staff are TOTAL babes!

I walked in, found a place for my coat and boots, then introduced myself to the owner, Brittany Burnham, and her staff. I immediately felt welcomed. Brittany showed me around and chatted it up with everyone settling in and getting ready for the class. The feeling of camaraderie was palpable. I was getting really jazzed up.

#Beastmode activated – HiiT It With Britt, Albany, NY

A Taste of HIWB Workout

Everyone piled into the huge workout space, tires laid out, bosu balls lined up, TRX straps suspended from the high ceilings, resistance bands on each side of the room, weights against the wall, kettle balls placed neatly in two rows, and the big white dry erase board telling us the workout of the day. While everyone stretched, Brittany and her team showed us the plan, demonstrated each move, and gave us the breakdown; 45 seconds for each workout with a 5 second rest between, for 4 rounds.

I had a friend in the class who is a pro, so we teamed up and started with the tire flip. I have never flipped a tire in my life–IT WAS AWESOME. Brittany made sure that I (and everyone else) was using my legs (“Don’t want to hurt your backs, people!”) to lift and toss this big ol’ tire to my partner. I felt like such a beast.

I was dying by the second round, but pushed on. Beyonce was blasting and the coaches did a fantastic job making everyone felt like champs while we all powered through. By the final round, you could tell everyone was tired, yet it still felt like a party was going down. Drenched in sweat and high on endorphins, I finished my water, did some final stretches before I went to stand in line to get in a few words with Britt.

Cheese and peace – HiiT It With Britt, Albany, NY

Brittany = The Other Queen B

This woman is a true Queen B. Britt was a D1 softball athlete at the University at Albany in her youth. She then moved on to being an athletic director before she realized her true passion for helping people workout and crush their goals.

Britt started this dream in her backyard, hosting her own HIIT workouts for anyone who would join. She has now turned her backyard gym into an empire. Currently, 5 months pregnant and still growing her businesses, she owns three!

Brittany and her team made this new(er) mama feel welcomed and capable. I lost sight of my fear of making a fool of myself, and had a really good time getting my ass kicked. This is why everyone needs to HiiT it with Britt.

Find out why HiiT It With Brittt was “voted the top HIIT workout program in the Capital Region” at www.HIWB.fitness. First-time clients get to try it out for free!!