Fly To Fit Helps You Fly Your Way To Fitness [Video]

Don’t know what to expect at a bungee fitness studio? Fitness Fiend Chelsea Barraco visits Fly to Fit Bungee Fitness Studio in Albany, NY to help take the guesswork out of this popular workout program.

Fly To Fit Fly-By

Recently, I had the pleasure of touring Fly to Fit Bungee Fitness Studio with owner, Tina Murphy, and taking a class from one of her super fun instructors, Heather. Tina was wonderful and gracious in helping me get scheduled into a small morning class of about 7 participants. The studio is absolutely immaculate, open and airy, and classes are small (less than 12 at a time), so everyone gets plenty of attention and assistance if need be.

I advise wearing fitted gym clothes, nothing that is going to get caught or flap around once you get in the harness. Class participants are weighed first, then assigned a harness based on weight which the instructor will assist you in getting into to make sure that you are safely secured prior to attaching the bungee.

Tinkerbells In Training

Once I was tethered up, I was encouraged to start bouncing around. For the first few minutes of class I did just that–a very fun and playful experience!

“But first, let me take a selfie..” – Fly To Fit Bungee Fitness, Albany, NY

The entire class had a fun and happy energy, it would be hard not to giggle as you begin to bounce and sway, discovering this new form of weightlessness. I quickly realized that the bungee requires you to use your core muscles quite a bit to stabilize yourself and keep from flailing or spinning around too much. You will definitely get your core workout here!

Class began with a warmup, then an arm series (push-ups popping up off the ground), then legs, and then a cardio session in which we were encouraged to jump and fly like a class full of tinkerbells flitting back and forth. Landing, as I felt it the next day, required the most core work and stabilization.

Bungee Fitness For All

Fly to Fit offers nutrition plans, TRX training, Tabata bungee classes, private classes for a group or special occasions, and regular movement, strength, and conditioning classes like the class I bounced into. The weightlessness of the bungee is very beneficial for anyone with joint issues as the bungee takes the shock of landing out of the knee and hip joints.

I recommend this workout for anyone at any level of fitness. It’s a great place to get started, try something new, or challenge yourself and use muscles you may not engage in other workouts. You can learn more or sign up to try it out yourself at

Video: Tina Murphy/Fly To Fit Bungee Fitness Studio