Fitness For A Cause: Donate Soccer Balls To Encourage Kids To Play

The mission of Ball To All is pretty simple: every kid can have a ball. How? By donating soccer balls to encourage children around the world to keep playing. Because the art of play, particularly in the form of physical activity, helps raise healthy, happy, well-rounded children while keeping them out of trouble.

And why soccer balls? Soccer is the most popular sport in the world. If you were to visit a random country and check out its local park, chances are, you will see people passing around a soccer ball. Pretty much every where else but the United States, soccer is every kid’s go-to sport.

But how did it all begin with this Scottsdale-based non-profit? Founder Ori Eisen said, “I had the idea to send soccer balls to conflict zones because kids behind the walls that separate the conflict just want to play. I asked one of my employees to try our first delivery [during his visit back home] to Kenya in 2013, and the rest is history.”

Balls bring smiles to kids woh escaped the ravages of war – Duhok, Iraq [Photo: via Facebook]
Since then, Ball To All has collected and delivered over 13,000 balls to 60 countries, making a positive impact in the lives of thousands of children. Ori explained, “We see kids who are now busy running after a ball instead of being involved in crimes, gangs, drugs and other bad things. We get letters from parents about the amazing impact we make.”

Ball To All is run by dedicated volunteers who just want to help kids be kids. In many countries, this isn’t always easy to attain, but Ori and his team find motivation to continue their efforts. “Every week when I see the smiles on all the kids’ faces, when I see the impact our ambassadors make around the world, when I see good news happening instead of the usual things you see in the media, it gives me motivation to keep Ball To All moving. It’s been over 5 years and the joy we bring to kids is immeasurable.”

Children playing with the balls they just received – Mwanagati, Tanzania [Photo: via Facebook]

What may take a few minutes of your time will make a lifetime of a difference to the lives of many children across the globe. And there is so many ways you can take action: by becoming an ambassador, donating funds or soccer balls, or helping spread the word about this great cause. Ori continued, “We’d just like for more people to get involved and donate, we know how to do the rest. We hope to double again our operation areas, which is now around 80 countries. We also have one big wish, which is for Pelé, the legendary soccer player, to write about us in social media.”

Ready to make an difference? Head over to and do your part. Ori pleaded, “If you have a better use [for] $10 than to give a kid who can’t afford a ball to have one, let us know what it is.  The joy, smiles, and directing kids to play sports is making a real impact. You can also make an impact simply by donating, and seeing your donation convert to a soccer ball in the hands of a kid [who has] never had one. 100% of the donations go to the kids, we’re all volunteers [here].”

Photo: via Facebook