Female Fitness Force: Jocelyn Gordon, Creator of HoopYogini™

You can’t help but find your inner calm and joy the moment you are within her presence. There is this certain kind of goddess-like vibe she exudes through the words and motions in her teachings, even non-believers wonder if she has been sent from a magical place to guide you on your journey to self-love.

Well, at least, that’s what we felt when we participated in one of her hula-hooping yoga classes at Wanderlust Festival in Stratton, VT a few years back–making her a Female Fitness Force that you want in your life.

Her name is Jocelyn Gordon and she is the Creator of HoopYogini™, a transformational fitness program “integrating hula-hooping with hatha yoga and mindfulness meditation” where “postures and moves are linked into a flowing and meditative dance”. With an extensive background in dance, yoga, and massage therapy, she designed HoopYogini™ to make “self-care, self-restoration and self-realization accessible, enjoyable and relevant to the busy, modern woman”.


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But the idea for HoopYogini didn’t happen overnight. Jocelyn reflects, “It started to come to me while I was immersed in yoga therapy classes. It was around 2007-2008 when I was doing research online and I came across videos of this woman hooping and doing yoga together, and we became good friends. A few months later, I became the Director of Teacher Training for Hoopnotica where I spent 2-3 years refining the curriculum and trainer’s manual, and training the Master Trainer team. This enabled me to travel internationally including Bali where I was able to kick off my own retreat.”

She continues, “2010 was a significant life change for me, when I separated from my husband and moved to California. I also decided to separate from Hoopnotica and become my own entity. That’s when I really began to connect with the hoop holistically. And a few years later, around 2013-2014, I launched my first teacher training for HoopYogini. This opportunity has brought me to a global space and allowed me to become a global citizen. Currently, there are 50 certified instructors from around the world, and about 50 more are in the works.”


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HoopYogini isn’t all that keeps Jocelyn busy. She is also the Creator of Bhakti Boogie® Yoga (“It’s yoga combined with multiple dance disciplines, although it’s not really about the choreography, it’s more emotion than motion.”), an embodiment coach and educator, a peaceful birth ambassador, Co-Creator of Chakra Clarity, transformational workshop facilitator, speaker and presenter, not to mention a loving mother of two and world traveler.

And she doesn’t plan to stop any time soon. What motivates Jocelyn to keep going? She replies, “Leaving a legacy and walking in the same class with my ancestors–like my mom, my aunt, they are legacy holders. Also, my children motivates me. And my own desire to be fully self-expressed.”

With so many hats she wears successfully, Jocelyn is an inspiration to many women. But who inspires someone like Jocelyn? She tells us, “My grandmother. She was a mathematician and engineer and accomplished many things in life back when women weren’t given as many opportunities. She also owned her own Gyro fitness studio for women in the Bronx. She was a world traveler.”


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She goes on, “And not to sound cliché, but I am also inspired by Michelle Obama. I’m currently reading Becoming, and I’m taking my time with it and enjoying it so much, learning about what we can accomplish through collaboration and partnership. And J-Lo. She’s so regal, so radiant and such a badass. She is a definition of strength and femininity. I admire that.”

And where is this world-traveling mama yogini off to next? She says, “I’m heading off to Costa Rica for the Envision Festival with my three-year-old. Then I’ll be at a Hulahoop Festival in Brazil, right outside of Rio. I’ll also be spending a lot of time in front of my computer because enrollment for the Hoopyogini Online Teacher Training is now open.”

We have a feeling we’ll be seeing Jocelyn again soon.

For more information about Jocelyn and her offerings, check out www.JocelynGordon.com. For more about HoopYogini (and Bhakti Boogie Yoga), including a free practice video, where to purchase hoops, and details about teacher training, visit www.HoopYogini.com.

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