Don’t Throw Your Gently Used Fitness Gear Away, Donate It To These Organizations Instead

If there’s one thing we can’t stand at Girlnetic, it’s excessiveness and wastefulness. We understand the negative effects of consumerism on the environment, which makes us hypocrites because we’ll be the first to admit that we get joy from having new gear and equipment to supplement our active lifestyle, but most of these things end up in landfill, or even worse, in places where we love to play, and that’s just difficult for us to swallow.

So what do we do about it? Every little thing we can to try offset our carbon footprints, including only purchasing from socially-conscious brands that apply eco-friendly practices and only use responsibly-sourced materials, or not buying anything we don’t really need at all.

But if you just have to have that new pair of trail running shoes because it’ll help improve your strides, or you want to get a new bike because it’s is your new weekend thing, remember this: there are organizations that will take and repurpose your gently used goods once they lose their miles or you’ve lost interest in them. Here are a few to bookmark:

Running Shoes – Soles4Souls


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Having a good pair of footwear is a basic essential we often take for granted and forget that they aren’t always easily accessible especially for people who live in poverty. Well, Tennessee-based 501(c) Soles4Souls combats that by providing shoes to people who need them most. Through Soles4Souls, you can donate gently-worn used shoes to help individuals “start and sustain small businesses to lift themselves out of poverty”. The shoes you donate are a viable resource to help entrepreneurs provide crucial necessities for their families. You can donate shoes directly or host a shoe drive in your community. For more information, check out

Bikes – Bikes For The World


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The mission of Bike for the World is pretty straightforward: “to make affordable, good quality used bicycles available to low-income people in developing countries.” Just like with shoes, access to reliable transportation is something first-world countries like the one we live in don’t really have to worry about. Bikes are a luxury to us. It’s a different story in third-world countries, however, where bikes you donate through this non-profit provide better transport for work, education, and healthcare. You will change the livelihood of so many people abroad! Learn more at

Yoga Mats – Yoga Foster


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You already know about all the benefits of maintaining a regular yoga practice. Well, Brooklyn, NY-based Yoga Foster wants to make that accessible to children all over the nation by providing “free and low-cost training, lesson plans, yoga mats and more for educators to bring yoga and mindfulness in the classrooms”. To help with their cause, you can donate yoga mats you’ve collected over the years that’s just taking up space in your closet. Just make sure they are odor-free, clean, and gently-used. Get the details at

Books & DVDs – Your Local Library


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Your local public library is a great community resource we often forget about. They are homes to thousands of books and media that you can access for free. But if you’ve opted to purchase and now want to get get it out of your home to keep your space minimal, consider donating it to your local public library to give others access to them. Click here to find one near you.

Workout Apparel – Goodwill


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For apparel and other soft goods–or when all else fails–your local Goodwill will pretty much accept anything that is in fairly good condition, with the exception of recalled, banned or items that do not meet their safety standards. If you are unsure, it’s best to give them a call before making a drop off. By donating your stuff to Goodwill, you are helping “create opportunities for individuals in your community looking to find a job and build skills, including veterans and military families, single mothers and many others”. Learn more about their impact by visiting

Know of any other organizations that accept fitness-related donations you think we should add to the list? We’d like to build this up to a comprehensive list so let us know by messaging us or commenting below!

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