Fierce Females In Formation: Aquamermaid Swimming School [Video]

Always fantasized about being one with the sea? Well, you’re in luck because there’s a swimming school that will teach two-legged land mammals like yourself to become mermaids. Founded by Marielle Chartier Hénault who wanted to turn “her mermaid dream and passion for swimming” into a school, Aquamermaid is the first mermaid school in Canada that is “drawing a diverse group of members of all ages, genders and swimming levels”. This is definitely not your traditional local town swim club!

AquaMermaid currently operates in Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Quebec, Edmonton, South Florida, Austin, Phoenix, Arizona, Las Vegas, Nevada, and Chicago, Illinois,  offering a variety of mermaid classes per week. Classes are taught by a team of trained lifeguards, synchronized swimming instructors, and aqua fitness trainers, available “to help you in your exercise, maximize your workout, and make your life a real fairy tale come true!” Check out the video to see Aquamermaid in action.

For more information including booking a class or hiring a mermaid for an event, visit

Photo: via Facebook