7 Fun Fitness Classes To Try in the New Year (To Mix Up Your Routine)

The New Year is upon us, which means promising to make positive changes in our lives, pursuing a healthy and active lifestyle most likely being one of your top resolutions. But if spending hours at the gym isn’t really your cup of tea, or you don’t mind the gym but get bored easily with the same weights and cardio routine–and frankly, you’d prefer to learn a new skill while you’re at it–then this list is for YOU.

What is a girl to do in this situation? Go beyond the gym and mix up your routine by incorporating unique fitness classes that will get you addicted to the fun. Here are 7 around the Capital Region to consider:

Habiba Belly Dance, Albany NY [Photo: A. Tassarotti]

Habiba Belly Dance

Learn the art of belly dancing with Habiba Belly Dance. Taught by Donna “Habiba” Tritico, belly dancing is “a great low-impact workout set to the exciting rhythms of North Africa and the Middle East”. Health benefits include improved posture and coordination, strengthening of back muscles, and a boost of self-esteem, not to mention a great cardio workout–you can burn between 300-500 calories per session depending on intensity.

Why give belly dancing a try?  Habiba said, “The basic movements are accessible to women of all ages and body types. I strive to imbue my students with an appreciation of the music and culture from which belly dancing originates, and students find my classes a wonderful way to relieve stress at the end of a busy day. It is truly a celebration of the female form in an uplifting, educational and fun environment.”

For more information including the upcoming winter session, check out www.BellyDanceAlbany.Weebly.com.

Fly To Fit Bungee Fitness, Albany, NY [Photo via Facebook]

Fly To Fit Bungee Fitness

Get flying high with Fly To Fit Bungee Fitness, “a motion-based resistance training program that allows the needed buoyancy, provided by the bungee cord and harness attached at your hip, to perform exercises that you may not be able to do without assistance”. Health benefits include increased heart rate and endurance, building muscle and burning calories up to 1,200 depending on intensity.

According to the website, “Fly To Fit Bungee Fitness is fun for all ages and sizes, and for most types of physical limitations. We use a combination of fitness training and a full body cardio workout that is high intensity all while you float weightlessly.”

For more information or to sign up for a class, visit www.FlyToFitBungee.com.

Hoops By JEM [Photo via Facebook]

Hoops By JEM

Let your inner child come out and play with hula-hoop fitness, a low-impact cardio exercise that’s so much fun, you will not feel like you’re exercising. The Capital Region provider? Hoops By JEM, which consists of warmup, cardio waist hooping, hip hooping, hooping in reverse, basic off-body moves, Pilates & Barre-based strength training moves, cool down, and stretching. You will burn on average 420 calories during the one-hour class, while listening to music that motivates you to move.

Why should you give hula-hoop fitness a shot? Hoopologist and Owner Jennifer Mapes said, “Hooping is a multi-generational, multi-level, low impact form of exercise that will keep your heart rate going while shaping and toning your body. The best part is you don’t feel like your exercising because you are having so much fun!”

Check out www.HoopsByJEM.com for more information, or download the flyer for her winter pricing and schedule.

Good Karma Studio, Albany,  NY [Photo via Facebook]

Aerial Yoga at The Good Karma Studio

Just imagine traditional yoga poses, add a little bit of Pilates and dance, and do it all on a fabric hammock (also called swing). Essentially, this is aerial yoga. It may seem intimidating at first, but when you get the hang of it, can be really fun and rewarding. Health benefits include greater flexibility, better focus, strengthened muscles, and a great stress reliever.

The Good Karma Studio provides aerial yoga for beginners where you learn the foundation and become a little bit more comfortable in your swing. According to the website, “The Good Karma Studio incorporate the swing to include traditional yoga poses with deep stretching and balance, with a little superman flying, cannonball swinging, and our inversions (hanging upside down) to lengthen the spine and release the mind.”

For more information or to sign up for a class, visit www.TheGoodKarmaStudio.com.

CORE DE FORCE [Photo via Facebook]

CORE DE FORCE via Crossover Fitness

Prefer something a little more badass that you can do at home? CORE DE FORCE may just be for you. Local provider Maile Barcelon, Personal Trainer and Owner of Crossover Fitness, explained, “If you want great results that leave you feeling EMPOWERED, CORE DE FORCE™ is the one workout that teaches you how to lose weight and get fit while learning mixed martial arts. Whether a beginner or advanced hardcore exercise enthusiast, CORE DE FORCE takes the best of the best out of mixed martial arts and puts it into one complete body-shredding program.

She continued, “You can complete it as an at home workout or join a live class. Either way, people enjoy and love CORE DE FORCE because it incorporates dynamic boxing, kickboxing, and Muay Thai moves. In addition, you get to experience explosive bodyweight training and cardio conditioning that allows you to consistently engage the midsection while giving you that 360-degree core blasting definition.”

For more information or to sign up for a CORE DE FORCE at home or live class, check out www.CrossoverFitnessMovement.com.

Focusmaster Fitness, Troy, NY [Photo via Facebook]

Focusmaster Kickboxing

Short on time and want quicker results? Focusmaster Kickboxing & Fitness promises to get you “stronger, leaner and have you feeling unstoppable”–all in 30 minutes. Winner of  SpikeTV’s America’s Next Fitness Phenomenon hosted by Jillian Michaels, Focusmaster Kickboxing is a boxing-inspired workout that will get you in the best shape of your life.

According to the website, “No experience is needed, all of the combinations are based on basic boxing and kickboxing fundamentals, and our resistance training comes from your own body weight. Morning or night, all you need is 30 minutes with Focusmaster and your transformation begins.”

For more information or to sign up for a class, go to www.Focusmaster.com.

The Hot Yoga Spot, Albany, NY [Photo: Kayla Tote]

Barre at The Hot Yoga Spot

You already know how we feel about barre at The Hot Yoga Spot, especially when it’s super cold outside. Hint: It hurts our body SO good. Read up on the reasons why you’ll find Jonaliza there every winter.

Hope you have a healthy, happy (and adventurous!) 2019. #HappyNewYear