Shake Your Beauty with SharQuí – The Bellydance Workout® [Video]

SharQuí is a unique cardio workout that let’s you shake and shimmy your way to good health. Inspired by one of the oldest dance forms in the world, SharQuí is what happens when you fuse bellydance and fitness, accredited with AFAA, NASM and ACE fitness associations and founded by Oreet who “[wanted] to show ALL women that fit and strong comes in ALL sizes.. And that they CAN Shake their beauty with bellydance [using] SharQuí’s easy-to-follow method.”

If you’re a little hesitant to try it out, Oreet has some words of encouragement for you: “SharQuí was developed for the non-dancer! Anyone can do it. SharQuí is about celebrating women and was an exercise for childbirth. When I tell people what bellydance is REALLY about, people’s perspectives change and they are less hesitant to try.” Check out the video to see what she means.

Photo: via Facebook