Fitness For A Cause: Work Out To Feed The Homeless with Train 1 Feed 1

The concept is pretty simple, but the impact, immeasurable. LA-based non-profit Train 1 Feed 1 (“T1F1”) “uses the fitness industry to battle the health epidemic and homeless epidemic” at the same time. In collaboration with local gyms, studios, and other non-profits and community organizations, T1F1 organizes community classes to raise funds for “Kindness Packs”, providing life’s most basic essentials (water, food, clothing for warmth) to help people living on the streets get through another day.

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T1F1 Founder and Head Personal Trainer Joseph Monbleau has always believed that it was his life’s purpose to “to help others and give back more [than] I have received”. He found his calling after a conversation with Dinating founder Sheera Goren, adopting a similar concept but with “building better bodies” in mind. Two months later, with the help of friends, he organized his first fundraising fitness class that raised enough money to feed 19 families.

Seeing the positive impact that compassion brings to the lives of people who are struggling is the driving force that motivates Joseph to continue his efforts today. He explained, “Just walking outside and around Los Angeles is enough to keep me going and motivated, interacting with the homeless and seeing how selfless they really are. They are such beautiful, kind souls who just need a little kindness.”

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But who inspires him to look within? He said, “My passion for [helping] others comes from my mother—I aspire to be just like her. She made us feel like we had everything even when we had nothing. She always went above and beyond for others, sometimes putting them first over her own needs. She showed us from an early age that we need to be there for one another. She is a saint and a blessing.”

T1F1 is currently looking for sponsorships and partnership opportunities with local businesses, brands and other non-profits to produce more Kindness Packs and feed more homeless. You can also become a T1F1 volunteer, hire a T1F1 trainer, or attend a T1F1 community class–all of which benefits the homeless. Find out more at