Sweat to the Beat of the African Drum with Afrobeat Fit [Video]

Have you ever listened to the beat of the African drum played on city streets and wanted to dance your heart out? Well, here’s your excuse while learning movement to music derived from West Africa. Check out the video to see what we’re talking about.

Whether with shoes or barefoot, Afrobeat Fit will get you dancing, sweating and burning calories during its 1-hour “Sweat Session” to music which incorporates elements of jazz, soul, and funk from the different countries of West Africa. In order to eliminate stereotypes that dance fitness classes are only for women, Sweat Sessions are free to men.

We like that. 😀

Learn more or to sign up for a Sweat Session near you, visit www.AfrobeatFit.com.

Photo: via Facebook


Author: Girlnetic

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