4 Adventures To Add To Your Bucket List (and the Companies That Will Make It Happen For You)

Is your passport ready? Because you’re about to be inspired to go on unique and unforgettable adventures that will be the highlight of your life. Even if you’re not ready to leave just yet and only looking for new adventures to add to your bucket list, here are 4 to consider (and the companies that will help you make it happen):

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Detox and Disconnect in Latin America (via Trip Tribe)

Good people + incredible destinations + awesome activities = Life-changing trips. That’s the ethos that Trip Tribe lives by because who you travel with matters, and this eco-tour company makes it their job to send you off to beautiful destinations with travelers just like you to make the trip one you will never forget.

Trip Tribe specializes in eco-friendly retreats at exotic places in unchartered waters where you can truly detox and disconnect from the (digital) world, reconnect with humans and nature, and return back to your life renewed and refreshed like you’ve just shed a toxic layer of skin. Its retreats are typically led by a practitioner who specializes in the type of activity you sign up for–i.e. barre teacher for a barre retreat– to ensure that your days are completely immersed in your practice.

Our favorite? Yoga retreats in Latin America, particularly destinations in Costa Rica and Mexico. We absolutely love yoga in the jungle of Tulum. For more information or to book a trip (or learn more about how to lead a retreat if you’re a practitioner), check out www.TripTribe.com.

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Learn To Surf in Southern Nicaragua (via ChicaBrava)

Six-Time Nicaraguan Surf Champ Ashley Blaylock decided she wanted to share her love for surfing to empower other women, and Chica Brava was born. This all-female surf camp located in the town of San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua, promises a life-changing experience to women of all surfing levels that includes healthy food, eco-lodging, daily yoga, and of course, all-day surfing sessions with the friendliest surfing instructors who will tailor your lessons based on your skills. At the end of the week-long camp, you will gain the confidence in yourself to catch a wave (or few!) in one of the most beautiful places to surf.

But why Southern Nicaragua? Ashley said, “Unlike anywhere else in the world, Southern Nicaragua benefits from offshore winds almost year round. This means perfect conditions and perfectly groomed waves. Southern Nicaragua is on the map as one of the world’s best surf destinations, yet it’s still un-crowded compared to most anywhere else! To make things even better, it’s beautiful and most of the coastline remains undeveloped.”

Packages vary depending on where you choose to stay–the Cloud Farm, Surf House, or Playa Colorado– but fun and long-lasting friendships are guaranteed at ALL locations. Reserve your spot at www.ChicaBrava.com.

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Hike The Himalayas (via Active Adventures)

Have you ever dreamed about trekking in the Himalayas and experiencing “the beauty of Nepal, from the sights and sounds of Kathmandu, to the towering peaks of the world’s highest mountains”? Active Adventures can help you check this off your list, a New Zealand-based adventure agency that has been “taking ordinary people on extraordinary adventures” for over 20 years.

Active Adventures Founder Phil Boorman said, “We believe traveling is as much about connecting with people as it is with the destination. When you travel with Active Adventures, you’ll stay in the very best locally-owned tea houses (and believe us, conditions do vary from tea house to tea house) and lodges, where you’ll hang out with your local hosts after the day’s walk.

“You’ll also have one of our Kiwi guides, trained in the New Zealand wilderness (just like Sir Edmund Hillary!) to our ridiculously high standards, at your side. They’ll work alongside the local Nepali guiding team to smooth out wrinkles on the way, so you can enjoy your trekking trip.”

For more information or to book an adventure, go to www.ActiveAdventures.com.

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Get Your Dose of Adrenaline (via Earth Missions)

If action-adventure is more your style, Earth Missions will be sure that you get a high dose of adrenaline at one of their trips. Whether it’s shredding powder or catching waves, this condition-based company is about sending you off on adventures during the best time of the year for the ultimate adrenaline experience.

Earth Missions CEO Tom Werney explained, “What separates Earth Missions from your average tour company is our local knowledge, our local resources. What we do with every one of our trips is based on the recommendations of the local reps that know the location–who live and breathe the culture, the lifestyle–wherever in the world it may be.”

For more information or to book a trip that will get your adrenaline pumping–Tom suggests one of the upcoming surfing trip–visit www.EarthMissions.com.