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What better day to work towards achieving your healthiest you than today?

If you are on this site, your health is important to you. Exercise and fitness are a huge part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, as is a balanced diet. Additionally, products that support our immunity, gut health, antioxidant defense, and immune protection, among many others, are important to help our bodies maintain our optimal level of health as we age.

There are many products available, but not all are created equal. Pharmanex by Nuskin offers products with superior ingredients sourced from around the world that are scientifically designed to keep our bodies operating at the maximum potential with many anti-aging benefits as well.  Today, I am going to highlight some of our top products, along with some of their amazing benefits.

LifePak Nano

A nutritional anti-aging program. This product contains more than 60 antioxidants that nourish and protect cells, tissues and organs; liponutrients that enhance uptake from the gut into the bloodstream for maximum anti-aging benefits; helps to maintain normal inflammatory responses; feeds and protects the brain with DHA and EPA; improves cardiovascular health, immune function, and blood sugar metabolism.  This product is truly all-encompassing health and wellness supplement.


Formulated from the gac “superfruit” in southern Asia,  the phytonutrients are a unique and highly bioavailable form of carotenoids called lipocarotenes that provide powerful antioxidant protection while supporting healthy immune function.


Perfect for those looking to promote vitality, stamina, reduce fatigue, and maintain healthy lung function.  Found at a Tibetan plateau, the mushroom Cordyceps sinensis has long been use in Chinese culture to restore energy, promote longevity, and improve quality of life.  This product is stimulant free as it promotes natural vitality by enhancing lung function and increasing the body’s resistance to environmental and occupational stressors.


This product helps to combat difficulties that often come with strenuous exercises, such as muscular issues, tissue damage, and long-term cellular problems.  This product contains essential vitamins and minerals that are vital to normal energy metabolism which promotes normal post-exercise muscle recovery and maintains healthy tissue.

There are so many other amazing products that I could share with you.  Whatever you are looking for to help maximize your health, diet, and fitness performance, Phamanex by Nuskin has top quality products available for you.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me and I would be happy to assist you in finding the perfect product to help meet your needs.  You are also welcome to visit my website and browse our other products and resources.  Let’s work together to maximize your health and vitality today!

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