Fitness For A Cause: Navy SEAL Lt. Michael P. Murphy Run/Walk Around The Lake To Support Veterans

Michael P. Murphy Run/Walk Around The Lake is a 4-mile race around Lake Ronkonkoma in honor of the late Lt. Michael P. Murphy and the brave men who fought and died during Operation Red Wings. Lt. Murphy led a four-man Navy SEAL reconnaissance unit and fought valiantly to save the lives of his fellow soldiers, ultimately sacrificing his.

It all began over 30 years ago as a fundraiser for the Rotary Club of the Ronkonkomas where money was raised for local charities in Long Island. 20 years later, the Rotary Club joined forces with The Michael Murphy Foundation and turned the fundraiser into a race around Lake Ronkonkoma, the very location where Lt. Murphy worked as a lifeguard during his youth and trained for the Navy SEALS.

Photo: via Facebook

Today, the Murphy Run attracts thousands of runners and non-runners alike from all over the nation, raising thousands of dollars for local charities that benefit veterans and the community as a whole, including The Michael Murphy Foundation, The Navy Seal Foundation, Special Operations Warrior Foundation and The Lone Survivor Foundation.

But why should you get involved in this memorial run? Race organizer Paul Dobiecki said, “Some run to remember a father, child or friend lost in the line of duty to their country. Others run to show their support for the men and women who serve in our military protecting our freedom. I get involved because we must NEVER FORGET the past and we can only work to make the future a better place. If we change one life in this world we have succeeded in our life.”

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Photos: via Facebook