6 Lifestyle Principles I Will Apply To My Life After Reading Spartan Fit!

What an enjoyable read that was also so educational! Joe De Sena in his new book, Spartan Fit! offers very clear and practical tips for becoming fit holistically.

As a fitness enthusiast, I was happy that this book is not just another get fit quick guide. This book really offers practical tips to living life beyond our own self-imposed limits. The principles are clearly outlined and can not only be applied to preparing for a Spartan race or any other sport, but Spartan Fit! is also a training guide for preparing for everyday life.

I was hooked when I read in the first chapter, “The purpose of this book is to help you overcome any physical or mental obstacle – and to achieve the opportunity that lives inside of you. To become Spartan Fit.”

I have learned so much from Spartan Fit! There are  6 lifestyle principles that I will forever apply to my own life:

Never Stop Learning

The worst thing we can ever say is, “We have always done it this way”. There are always new ways to do things and new things to experience. We should continue to learn, grow and develop.

Let Yourself Shine

I have to remember who I am and allow my inner potential to always shine through. We were created to continuously grow. Though bad habits seem impossible to change. Bad habits can be replaced with good habits. We can be our own obstacle, but we can also be our greatest opportunity.

Include Your Family

I will encourage my children to get outside more and just move their bodies. My children need exercise for development. The benefits of exercise help them focus in school and calm their mind and bodies.

Always Be Prepared

Like Spartan races, life can be very unpredictable and we need to be prepared for whatever may come. Joe explains various Spartan race obstacles and ways to train and prepare for those obstacles. When you are prepared for any obstacle in life, you become “spartan fit”. The harder the obstacle, the more you get out of it. If you can practice in tougher conditions, then everything else becomes easier.

Lead By Example

I lead by example. I am willing to experiment with my own life and incorporating Spartan Code in my everyday life. When I master the spartan principles, I can master anything. I make time to eat well, rest and get enough sleep and train hard. Discipline and structure are much-needed life attributes. Also, focusing on and connecting with the reason why I want to live a healthy lifestyle is very important.

Exercises For Everyone

I do not need special or expensive equipment to get fit. Spartan Fit! breaks down several exercises that offer well-rounded training for anyone at any fitness level in order to become a well round athlete.

After reading Spartan Fit!, I have decided to accept the rite of passage challenge to participate in a Spartan race. Armed with this thorough training guide, it is less daunting to arrive at the starting line. With a determined mindset and a will to never give up, I have no doubt that I will cross the finish line.

If you are looking to overcome obstacles in your life, whether physical or mental, grab your copy of Spartan Fit! now. Spartan Fit! is your prescription to unlocking your spartan within. Get your own copy now at www.Spartan.com.