Female Fitness Force: Brae Blackley, Founder & President of ZOOMA Race Series

Many moons ago, Brae Blackley decided to leave the corporate world to pursue entrepreneurship and her dream of running a national women’s running series.

Now known as ZOOMA created for women by women, Brae hopes to inspire others to live healthy, happy, & active lives through a “weekend filled with strong women, yoga sessions, intelligent speakers, an exciting expo, and celebrations in an unforgettable resort location”.

But what is it about running that Brae loves enough to turn it into a big part of her life? She said,  “I love the freedom and meditative quality of solo runs. I love the unique bond that is created between women when we run together—it’s a relationship that has some special spark that is hard to create in other ways, I’ve found. I love how running makes me feel strong and resilient. Running is my ‘special friend’ when the rest of my life feels like chaos. Sometimes, when I go out for a run, in the first few steps I say in my head ‘Hello, friend.’ It feels so comfortable and familiar to run because I’ve been doing it for so long, like a comfortable pair of jeans.”

And what keeps this female fitness force inspired to keep going with ZOOMA and in life in general? Brae explained, “The running industry is changing so fast these days. New players are entering the industry, and the way people work out is changing, too. When I started ZOOMA, there was no Facebook – imagine that!”

She continued, “I’m constantly challenged by the changes in ways people connect with one another, and with providing new challenges for women runners that will keep them interested and engaged with the ZOOMA brand. It’s exciting and terrifying at the same time! What’s a great idea one year might be a dog the next. I’m always finding inspiration from other women entrepreneurs and their successful businesses. People are so creative, and surrounding and immersing myself in that creativity is inspiring.”

For more information about ZOOMA or to find a race near you, visit www.ZOOMARun.com.

Photos: via Facebook