4 Reasons Why You’ll Find Me at the Hot Yoga Spot Every Winter

Every winter, I make it my fitness goal to have my BEST BODY YET! just in time for summer. Really, it’s my way to avoid becoming a slouch on the couch, something that is really easy to do when it’s brutally cold outside and you’d prefer to be in front of a TV under layers.

But since I discovered The Hot Yoga Spot five years ago, I’ve been successful at achieving this goal every year. Although I am at my strongest ever, I continue to make this studio chain my yoga and barre spot in the Capital Region. Here are 4 reasons why:

The Barre Classes Hurt My Body SO Good

I like to give credit where credit is due: it’s because of the barre bootcamp classes at The Hot Yoga Spot that I feel like I am at my strongest yet. Each class, although led by different instructors with different teaching styles and techniques, never fails to give me a full body workout that I feel like I’ve achieved what I came to do every time I walk out of the studio.

If you’re just starting out, I’d suggest dropping into the Thursday night class with Julia where she adds a little more yoga to the practice. For people that like it fast-paced and more of a bootcamp-style, check out the early morning classes with Kayla. And if you want the ballet-inspired barre that burns your body the way you didn’t think it could, catch Katie’s Saturday morning or Monday evening class.

The Yoga Classes Help Melt My Stresses Away

Many times after barre, I like to stretch and wind down with hot yoga. Or even if I’m not feeling like barre, I’ll still drop in to do a hot yoga flow to attain the same level of workout but in a more relaxed setting. Either way, I have made The Hot Yoga Spot a big part of my winter fitness routine because of the ability each class has to melt the stresses of life away. I feel mentally and emotionally at peace after each Shavasana!

For beginners, catch any of the Gently Hot Yoga or Hot Yoga Flow classes, but for the more advanced, try Hot Power Vinyasa. Personally, I like Hot Yoga Detox for after-work and Heavenly Hips Flow to help loosen up my hips, both are taught by Aaron–one of my favorite yoga instructors!

Barre classes hurt my body so good – The Hot Yoga Spot, Albany, NY – January 2016 [Photo: Meghan Wilcox]

The Teachers Know What They Are Doing

I’m gonna be straight up with you, a yoga studio ain’t nothing without good yoga teachers. And when I say “good”, what I really mean is: awesome teachers who are knowledgeable and genial; very attentive and can easily engage you and connect with you; positive and have the magical skill to distribute that energy to the entire class–not to mention practice what they preach.

I’ve been to enough yoga studios to be able to confidently say that the yoga teachers at The Hot Yoga Spot meet many if not all of these requirements, which many of the other yoga studios that I’ve been to lack. This is most likely the reason why the classes have become so popular–and why I keep coming back to class. So, kudos to the yoga teachers!

The Sense of Community Helps Beat the Winter Blues

If you live in Upstate New York, then you know how depressing the winters can get. But the sense of community at The Hot Yoga Spot, for me, has been helpful in beating the winter blues. The friendships I have been able to build with the owner, Jessica Lustig-Fuller, the teachers and other regular yogis have gotten me through even the dreariest of days because their friendliness and welcoming vibe is a great reminder that winter is temporary and sunshine is just around the corner.

So, if you’re looking for something to help you get in shape, melt your stresses away and beat the winter blues, then The Hot Yoga Spot may just be what you need this winter. If you’re new to the studio, sign up for the introductory offer of $25 one week unlimited sessions.