Frances Cheung

Frances Cheung is a Transformational Health & Life Coach who supports men and women in their transformation from bloated, exhausted and overwhelmed to happy, healthy and thriving. Frances is passionate about teaching her clients to become the expert of their own bodies, meeting them exactly where they are, taking all shame and restriction out of their health regime and using their body story as the gateway to deep and lasting self love, while re-defining success on their own terms. Her approach is nourishing and soulful, yet results oriented, and combines holistic nutrition and health coaching with transformational life coaching. Frances’ passion for health and personal development comes from her own healing journey as a child and young adult, where she was frequently sick and struggled with fatigue, digestive issues, sugar cravings, undesired weight gain and loss, acne, depression and hormonal imbalance. Through her own path to wellness, she discovered a passion for empowering others on their own healing journeys and now has a successful practice working with clients globally. Frances loves cooking, dancing, writing, being a healthy foodie and lifelong learner, and lives with her husband, two daughters and cat in New York City. She can be reached at

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