Girlnetic is powered by female fitness forces inspired to inspire. Coming from all walks of life and heading towards different directions, these strong women have united as Girlnetic Grrlsquad to empower and encourage their peers to pursue a healthy and active lifestyle. Some of them are professionals, but most are your everyday woman who have reaped the benefits of fitness and have been inspired to lead by example in order to spread the joy that healthy living brings. Meet the exceptional ladies who make Girlnetic possible:


Homebase: Syracuse, NY

Playground: YMCA, treadmill (It’s freaking cold here!), Conservation Land in Lexington, MA (when visiting Mom), and various Upstate New York hiking trails

Lisabeth Jorgensen is an attorney at a public interest law firm who is committed to achieving the highest potential for herself and for others in her work and personal life. She is involved with Girlnetic as a way of keeping health and fitness a priority in her life, and looks forward to sharing her progress and challenges so that her stories may inspire others to do the same.

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aka Chief Girlnetic

Fitness Alias: Chief Girlnetic

Homebase: Albany, NY + Wakefield, RI

Playground: Upstate New York, South Rhode Island + Exotic Destinations

Jonaliza D. Misa is the mastermind behind Girlnetic, a communications operative who reaped the benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle as inspired by her peers and simply wanted to spread the joy. She is a fitness enthusiast and life adventurer who loves explore new ideas, activities and destinations. Some of her favorites include astronomy, trail running, hiking, SUPing, road trips with her Jeep, and traveling to exotic places. When not engaged in Girlnetic, Jonaliza can be found utilizing her communications and creative skills in government/politics and the non-profit sector.

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Homebase: Rockland County, NY

Playground: Hudson Highlands

Reyna Texler, the Creator of Paddle Pump!, was the girl who swore she’d never step foot in a gym.  Now, she’s a kayak guide, an ACA Level 2 Kayak Instructor, and certified personal trainer for Hudson River Expeditions in Cold Spring, NY, who creatively found a way to combine her love of fitness and kayaking throughout the Hudson Highlands for people of all fitness and paddling levels to enjoy.

In her free time, she enjoys vacationing with her husband as they explore the world from the perspective of the double bladed paddle. When she’s not paddling, powerlifting, teaching first graders, or playing with her two Pugs, you can find Reyna dancing in the kitchen whipping up new healthy dishes.

As a member of the #Grrlsquad, Reyna hopes to inspire all women to find strength in their individualities, and motivate others to define their own version of what a healthy lifestyle means for them.  She truly believes that all women are strong women, and do not have to be a certain shape, or size in order to “be happy, be healthy, and most importantly, be-YOU-tiful!”

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Homebase: Albany, NY

Playground: Albany Dance & Fitness Studio and her home gym

Maile Ann Barcelon of Crossover Fitness Movement is a Certified Instructor for INSANITY, CIZE, and PiYo. She also holds a certification in Group Exercise through Aerobics and Fitness Association of America, and is partnered with the largest multinational fitness company, Beachbody, as an independent Health Coach.

Her inspiration comes from seeing others transform their lives through successfully achieving optimal health and finding a fit lifestyle that works for them. Being able to see the end result, and being a part of the process to encourage others to conquer their fears, to Maile, is such a rewarding feeling. She explains, “Not because I’m great, but because they discover how great they are!”

Maile also passionate about food and is an educator on integrative nutrition and wellness. She is determined to make an impact on the fight against obesity, disease, and depression, and hopes others will join her on this journey.

Maile is excited to be an ambassador of Girlnetic because she believes in Girlnetic’s mission to inspire other women to find their strength and power through an active lifestyle. She said, “So many women need encouragement, guidance, and friendships. Girlnetic is the organization to help them get there.”

Her favorite activities include HIIT Training a.k.a. INSANITY, Weight Lifting, Hip Hop Dance… and mostly anything pretty much EXTREME!

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aka Jade

Fitness Alias: Jade

Homebase: Albany, NY

Playground: Thatcher Park, any parks with stairs (“Roc-ky!”), Focusmaster Fitness and Metabolic Meltdown

The girl with the flower in her hair, Chelsea Barraco, owns over 100 flower clips that match every outfit in her closet.. except the ones she wears to the gym, of course. She is a self-motivated woman who enjoys wearing many hats–a marketing consultant, event coordinator, bartender, fitness fanatic, and realtor among various other ventures she’s dabbled in. She is inspired by meeting new people and bringing people together, traveling to new places, and reading and researching ideas. This includes being surrounded by other strong, motivated, intelligent women, her main reason for joining the Grrlsquad. Her fitness regimen includes running, yoga, and “mixed media” combos like TRX, kettle bell and Plyo Circuits.

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Homebase: Whistler, British Columbia, Canada

Playground: The Mountains of Whistler

Favorite Activities: Snowboarding, Mountain Biking, Ultimate Frisbee

Growing up in Brisbane, Australia, a big part of Daisy Ng’s life consisted of being outdoors and chasing adventure. As she reached her 20s, her desire to travel and discover the world grew and eventually evolved into her love for the adventurous mountain lifestyle. This is what encouraged her to move to Whistler, British Columbia, in Fall 2014 where she was instantly inspired by the endless mountains that surround the popular Canadian village, but more importantly, the community that promote and encourage girls to take up extreme sports such as snowboarding, skiing and mountain biking. Most of Daisy’s time is spent on the slopes or dirt trails of the mountains surrounding Whistler, but when not, she is “lazing on the beach, finding sweet little cafes and exploring big cities!”

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aka Kinetic Fire

Fitness Alias: “Kinetic Fire”

Homebase: Roanoke, VA

Playground: Home Gym

Diane Simmons is a weight-loss success story who is using her personal experience to help others afflicted by obesity and unhealthy living through Simply Fitness by Diane, a comprehensive weight loss company she founded to equip individuals–particularly women–to be fit for life. Diane is also a certified personal traininer, Zumba and Zumba Gold instructor, weight loss coach and registered respiratory therapist. Some of her favorite activities include Zumba, healthy cooking, weight training and learning new skills.

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aka RocketGurl

Fitness Alias: RocketGurl

Homebase: Albany, NY

Playground: Crossings of Colonie & her home gym

Latoya Taitt is a fitness instructor who specializes in Cize, a fun dance fitness workout, and Piyo, a high intensity, low impact workout that blends moves from Pilates and Yoga. She also offers monthly exercise and nutrition accountability groups online where she assist people in setting realistic health goals and support them to achieve great results. There is nothing more inspiring than witnessing someone transform their body and life through exercise and better health. When not engaged in fitness, she spends time with her husband and four children, her inspiration to be her best self and live a full life.

Latoya is involved with Girlnetic “because women are so powerful and fitness is one way that we all can give of ourselves–to educate, support, inspire and encourage girls of all ages, sizes and fitness levels that living fit is a lifestyle that can be fun and enjoyable.”

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aka Red Roamer

Fitness Alias: Red Roamer

Homebase: Whitesboro, NY

Playground: The Great Outdoors of the Northeast

Meghan Wilcox is an Upstate New Yorker who loves to explore the great outdoors of the Northeast. Her favorite activities include running, hiking and swimming, and recently gained a new affinity for weight lifting especially now that she plays for the NY Knockout Women’s Tackle Football team. She may seem sweet and harmless at first impression, but this girl is trained to tackle so watch out.

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Transformational Health & Life Coach

Frances Cheung is a Transformational Health & Life Coach who supports men and women in their transformation from bloated, exhausted and overwhelmed to happy, healthy and thriving. Frances is passionate about teaching her clients to become the expert of their own bodies, meeting them exactly where they are, taking all shame and restriction out of their health regime and using their body story as the gateway to deep and lasting self love, while re-defining success on their own terms. Her approach is nourishing and soulful, yet results oriented, and combines holistic nutrition and health coaching with transformational life coaching. Frances’ passion for health and personal development comes from her own healing journey as a child and young adult, where she was frequently sick and struggled with fatigue, digestive issues, sugar cravings, undesired weight gain and loss, acne, depression and hormonal imbalance. Through her own path to wellness, she discovered a passion for empowering others on their own healing journeys and now has a successful practice working with clients globally. Frances loves cooking, dancing, writing, being a healthy foodie and lifelong learner, and lives with her husband, two daughters and cat in New York City. She can be reached at

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