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Because here’s your chance to join forces with Girlnetic! We work with individuals, fitness groups, local businesses, charities and brands that share our mission to keep our audience engaged and inspired to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. This is how we do it:

FOR INDIVIDUALS: Girlnetic is powered up by women who exemplify what it is to be “Girlnetic” and share stories and snapshots of their personal experience to inspire other women to live the Girlnetic way-of-life. Referred to as Girlnetic Grrlsquad, these ladies come from all walks of life and fitness levels, but share a passion for fitness and healthy living and play an important role in engaging their peers through, social media, and occasionally, at local events.

As a member of the Girlnetic Grrlsquad, you become part of the movement working to fulfill Girlnetic’s mission to improve the lives of the female population nationwide! For that, you are rewarded with health and fitness goodies, deals and discounts to participating businesses, opportunities to explore and expand your horizon, and most importantly, friendships with women from all over the world who share your interests and totally get you.

FOR FITNESS GROUPS: Let’s move women together by listing your fitness group on our Directory. By opening up your membership to our audience, you become part of our network and be eligible to participate in opportunities that will bring fun fitness events, new fitness trends and brands to your area! Don’t have a fitness group in or around your area? Let Girlnetic help you get started!

FOR LOCAL BUSINESSES: Do you organize events, sell products or provide services related to fitness and healthy living? List your event or business in our Directory and be found by our growing audience of active girls and women interested in the Girlnetic way-of-life! By doing so, your business becomes part of our network and will be eligible for other partnership opportunities helpful to growing your business.

FOR CHARITIES: Are you a non-profit, community or charitable organization that organizes fitness-related events as part of your fundraising efforts? Submit your event to be considered for placement on our Events Calendar and be promoted to our audience! If approved, your fundraiser will be featured on our website and you will automatically be listed in our Directory. Additionally, you will be eligible for other partnership opportunities helpful to raising funds for your organization.

FOR BRANDS: Looking to promote your brand to a growing audience of women interested in healthy and active living? Then you’ve come to the right place! We work with you to craft a marketing strategy for a campaign that will catch the attention of our audience and gain you exposure. Additionally, you become part of our network and are automatically listed in our Directory, even way before the end of the campaign!

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