Girlnetic is the ultimate fitness and adventure guide for women. Since its inception in November 2008, Girlnetic has evolved into an online resource and social community for the growing population of women interested in fitness and active living.

The brainchild of Jonaliza D. Misa, and powered by female fitness forces inspired to inspire, Girlnetic was created to awaken the inner fitness fanatic, athlete and adventurer in ALL women–regardless of age, shape, size, fitness level and other attributes which make us all unique–by enlightening the mind, encouraging the heart, and inspiring the soul to pursue a healthy and active lifestyle for a healthier, happier and more exhilarating life.

The name “Girlnetic” derives from the combination of nouns to create a word that defines the main idea for the website: a female possessing, exerting or displaying energy through motion, i.e. a girl in motion.


The name may sound misleading since Girlnetic was designed for women, not young girls. The reason we use the noun “girl” is to personify in the name the way most of us feel once we’ve adopted a healthy and active lifestyle: exhilarated and revitalized into a stronger, more energetic and youthful version of ourselves. We use this in the name as a constant reminder of that feeling attained after making the right choices about our health, after a great workout, and after experiencing new adventures beyond our comfort zone.

Every journey has a beginning, and fitness is no exception. Whether you are just starting out, or are well on your way, Girlnetic’s mission is to help you learn about traditional ways and discover new means to get excited about achieving your health and fitness goals beyond the gym and esthetic reasons. With informative articles, inspirational stories, photos and videos of personal experiences by women just like you, and coverage and listings of local events, fitness groups and business providers, Girlnetic will guide you as begin or continue your journey towards a fulfilling life that good physical, mental and emotional health brings, ultimately helping you reach “Girlnetic”.

Girlnetic would not be possible if it weren’t for the individuals, local businesses, organizations and brands who believed in our mission during our infancy and worked with us in taking steps towards fulfilling it. This website was revamped and relaunched as a token of our gratitude for their efforts, and proof that their time invested in Girlnetic was not wasted. THANK YOU! 😀

Interested in learning about how we can work together? Click here for more information. For general inquiries, please send us a message via our Contact page. You can also find us on Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Pintrest and Twitter to stay connected and see us in action!

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