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7 Things I am Grateful For

I believe that one cannot possess happiness if they are unable to see the good that has already been bestowed upon them.

For myself, I’ve been blessed with health, opportunities, family, love. I have an array of interesting, fun and intelligent peers, several opportunities to grow within the working world–dabbling in my many interests but truly developing my core skill set to the next level–and the love and support of my family and friends when life takes a discouraging turn.

I am grateful for my fiancé who knows when I need to be pushed, who doesn’t let me feel sorry for myself or sell myself short. Sometimes, we all get knocked down and need a reminder of the force we can be.

I’m grateful for my family. When my father re-married, I was lucky enough to inherit a group of big-hearted, fun, wonderful people that are part of my family now. Plus, I’m getting married and expanding that circle of fun, crazy, supportive people with my in-laws as well!

I’m grateful to my parents for raising me to want to learn, to aspire, to climb, and achieve.

I’m grateful to my boss for taking a chance on me, for seeing my potential and helping me find my own way to success- with lots of patience and guidance, and with recognition to my rebellious spirit.

I’m grateful for my best friend, who always has an ear for me, has my back, and has both eyes wide open looking out for me as I am for her.

I’m grateful for my dog who is my anchor in every storm and makes the worst day livable with bottomless love and devotion.

I am grateful for sunrises on country hills, and new sneakers to bound up them on these humid mornings, and I’m grateful for my beautiful environment, lakes, trees, mountains, hills, and rolling fields because what is not to love?

What are you grateful for?

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