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Fitness for a Cause: Navy SEAL LT Michael P. Murphy 4-Mile Run/Walk Around the Lake, Honoring the Fallen Brave and Those Who Serve

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Navy SEAL Lt. Michael P. Murphy 4Mile Run Walk Around the Lake Promo2Every charity race has a mission statement, but this one can be described in two words: NEVER FORGET. What began 30+ years ago as a way for the Rotary Club of the Ronkonkomas to give back to its community, evolved into a widely anticipated event that honors the fallen brave and those who serve.

Today, Navy SEAL LT Michael P. Murphy 4-Mile Run/Walk Around the Lake attracts thousands of athletes and non-athletes alike to pay homage to the courageous individuals who serve to fight for our freedom, many of whom made the ultimate sacrifice with their lives to protect ours.

One of these heroes was Navy SEAL LT Michael P. Murphy who selflessly risked his own life to save those of his teammates during a tour in Afghanistan. In his honor, his parents Dan and Maureen, and brother John, started the LT Michael P. Murphy Foundation to help further the education of deserving students through scholarships, something that Michael was very passionate about. The Foundation, which is a registered 501(c)3 volunteer-operated charity, is funded through generous donations and proceeds from events like the 4-Mile Run/Walk Around the Lake.

And that is just one of the reasons why this is a fitness for a cause we believe in, and encourage you to participate. Whether it’s running (or walking) the 4-mile race or 1-mile fun run around Lake Ronkonkoma in Long Island, New York, sponsoring a military runner, making a donation to one of its fundraisers, or running the race from the comfort of your own home wherever in the world you may be, there are many ways you can get involved.

But why is it so important to do so? Paul Dobiecki, the man in charge of making it all happen, said, “I can’t answer why other people should get involved. Each person runs or gets involved for a personal reason. Some to remember a father, child or friend lost in the line of duty to their country. Others to show their support for the men and women who serve in our military protecting our freedom.

“The reason I get involved is because there are many people in the world that need a little help, and sometimes a small difference is all that person needs to get ahead. As individuals, it is our responsibility to give back to our community in whatever way we can, [not for the] thank yous, but because it is the right thing to do.

“We must NEVER FORGET the past, and we can only work to make the future a better place. If we change one life in this world, we have succeeded in our life.”

Other beneficiaries of this fundraising race include The Rotary Foundation, The Navy SEAL Foundation, The Lone Survivor Foundation and The Special Operations Warfare Foundation. For more information, to become a sponsor or to register for the next race, please visit

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