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A Guided Meditation and Wisdom Teachings of Dr. Bobby Klein, An Out-of-This World Experience

Photo: Uno Astro Lodge

Have you ever stared into the eyes of a stranger for a long period of time that you start to see deep into their soul? Or reflected about your struggles with love and relationship to someone you barely know? Have you ever held in an embrace someone you just met only a half-hour earlier while expressing your infinite love and gratitude for their existence?

Yes, it’s awkward. And a little embarrassing at first. Especially if you’ve never done anything like it before. And even more when this depth of love barely exists in your everyday life.

But that’s part of the strategy that Dr. Bobby Klein used to encourage attunement of the universal life force and acknowledgement of the light you would otherwise miss because you didn’t step out of your comfort zone. At least that’s how I remember it upon reflection of my participation at a session of his popular weekly Guided Meditation experience during a weekend trip to Tulum. A newfound friend suggested I check it out and assured it would be “out of this world”.

And my friend wasn’t exaggerating. It was nothing like I’ve experienced before. Not with that magnitude of love anyways, like I was surrounded by a love army and Dr. Klein was the five-star general leading the way. With over 40 years of experience in healing arts, he is a master of channeling and transferring the universe’s positive energies to heal the body, mind and spirit in order to bring you to a loving space where you can truly accept yourself for just the way you are– and certainly well-equipped to lead.

Every meditation session with Dr. Klein is different. At this particular one, he guided us through a spiritual journey of rediscovering love, hope and gratitude. He delivered words of wisdom and utilized our natural surroundings as tools to open up our mind and senses, creating a safe space that enabled us to release all the negativities that occupied our beings, to make room for the positive energies we were about to take in.

And for the next hour in this space, we meditated, we chanted, we reflected, we listened, we shared, we loved, to amplify the positive energies which every body that sat in that room generated. Dr. Klein partnered us up with a stranger based on our energies, and together we took rhythmic oceanic breaths, we stared into each other’s eyes, we shared stories of love, we embraced and expressed love and gratitude for being in the present moment.

In time, the stranger before me became a friend who helped me find comfort and clarity. Like it was our destiny to go through the experience together to truly understand our purpose for being there, and our purpose in life. Anyone else would’ve gotten us lost.

Her name was Vanessa, by the way, who just happened to be the PR point-of-contact for Dr. Klein. I am convinced that this wasn’t a coincidence. He sensed I was going to write about this experience and Vanessa would be the one to help me.

At the end of class, I left with weights off my shoulder, a greater sense of hope and a heart full of love I couldn’t wait to share outside the space. With a smile on my face from ear to ear, I made my way back home, walking along the white sand beach where it meets the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea, attuned to my surroundings and truly happy to be alive. Who knew that opening up to love in a roomful of strangers could bring so much joy into my life?

Guided Meditation and Wisdom Teachings of Bobby Klein occurs weekly at Uno Astro Lodge in Tulum, Quintana Roo–every Thursday afternoon at 4:00PM. This experience is open to the public by donation which goes back to the Mayan community. For more information or to sign up for this experience, check out

For more information about Dr. Klein and his services, please visit You can also follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

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