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4 Fitness Activities That Will Keep Me Moving This Spring

The best thing about the spring season is the limitless options you have to keep moving since the great outdoors is your gym. For me, it’s these 4 fitness activities:

Returning To Outdoor Running

The first outdoor run of spring elicits so many different feelings. Freedom from the dark and cold grasp of winter. The first real stretch of your legs to their widest stride. The warmth of the sun on your skin restoring Vitamin D to your body and releasing happy endorphins. The smell of spring returning is life coming back to us.

And seeing things fully and closely. In our cars, we are moving so quickly, so intently set on where we are going and not where we are. On the other hand, while running, everything is so much more real and present. You are actively in your life not watching it go by.

Those first few sprints remind me of how much work I’m going to have to do to get rid of the burn in my lungs. But the feeling of power I gained over the winter from squats, jacks, jumps, lunges and the like are pushing me forward faster than I remember from last year.

I’ve never been a buddy runner; running is me time. Running is all my thoughts falling into a linear path like the one that I am on. Running is clarity. Running is a mental analysis scanning head-to-toe of how this beautiful machine that is the human form is working.

Walking My Dog on Thacher Park

When we are on our feet we are more present. When I take my dog to Thacher Park, time freezes. Looking over the cliffs across the Capital District, rolling hills, cornfields, villages and the quietness–it’s all priceless.

My boxer, Layla, trots off-leash (We’re rebels!!) beside me and stops where I stop, waits where I wait, and sometimes, we just sit and stare off into the sky. We seem to find something different every time because we walk in without a plan and just let the paths take us wherever. Before we know it, hours have passed, the sun is setting, and we have to make our way back home.

Chelsea Barraco and Her Walking Buddy, Layla - Thacher State Park, Voorheesville, NY [Photo: Chelsea Barraco/Instagram]

Chelsea Barraco and Her Walking Buddy, Layla – Thacher State Park, Voorheesville, NY [Photo: Chelsea Barraco/Instagram]

Participating in a Co-Ed Softball League (with My Fiancé)

This year I’m re-joining a co-ed softball league. I haven’t been in a league for about six years now and I am super excited!

Softball is a great sport for those of us who consider ourselves athletes as well as our less athletic friends. While it certainly pays to be fast, to be able to run to and steal bases, if you can slug a ball a good distance, you won’t have to run so quick.

Softball is about bonding; it’s a buddy sport. Now and then, the camaraderie is a nice alternative to a solo activity. My fiancé and I are playing on the same team. We haven’t done this before, but we’re both super competitive and will either love playing together or kill each other. Either way it’s worth the story!

Trying Out Standup Paddleboarding

I haven’t done this around here and I plan to try. Apparently, there is a couple of great venues around us in Lake George and Saratoga. My best friend is a SUP enthusiast and I’m psyched for something new.

SUP is an amazing core workout as you have to engage the core muscles to remain upright and balanced on the paddleboard. I tried this briefly in Cozumel this summer, but the combination of ocean waves and all-inclusive margaritas made it challenging.

How about you? What fitness activities will keep you moving this spring?

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