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4 Reasons Why I Love Weight Training

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Have you ever been told by a friend that weight training might cause you to get too bulky or too big? Or, here’s another one that I’ve been told before, “You should do cardio because weight training will make you look too masculine.”  I’m here to tell you that this statement is so FAR from the truth!

No matter how much you lift, how you train, or how much protein you eat, your physiological make up will not allow you to put on large amounts of muscle mass like that of a man. Your body’s natural hormonal make up is just not equivalent to a male’s hormonal system. It just won’t happen.

The look you often see of a “big bulky” female bodybuilder is able to obtain such a physique because they are normally on steroids or other supplements that are taken intently to change the chemistry of their body.

So what does this mean? Weight bearing exercises can give you that lean and strong hard body you’ve desired and more.  Here are several reasons why I love weight training:

First and Foremost — Muscles Burn Fat

Yes! That’s right! Even though cardio burns calories and fat, this only happens during the actual workout. When you are performing strength training exercises, a.k.a. high-rep resistance training, your metabolism is elevated for a longer period of time after the workout, hence continuing to burn fat longer. This is called “Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption” or EPOC for short.

Your Body Gets Stronger

The body is an amazing creation! The more weight training you do, the more you will realize what your body is capable of doing. When I first began to lift, I was only able to lift 8 lb. dumbells. Just within a 60 day timeframe, I have modestly increased my strength and power.  Now I am able to chest press and squat with 30 lbs. in each hand giving me a total of 60 lbs. in resistance on each rep.

Your Bone Health Increases

As we get older, aging causes a higher risk of bone and muscle loss. When weight training, you build muscle mass and increase bone density. To help prevent osteoporosis and future problems such as hip and spinal injuries, consider adding strength training to your regimen.

Your Quality of Life Will Improve

Need a mood booster? Getting on your grind with weight training will increase your endorphins, natural opioids produced from the brain. Research has shown that through exercise, the release of endorphins trigger a positive feeling similar to that of morphine. Say goodbye to feeling down and depressed! Instead of taking drugs to get you high, it’s time to get some iron in your hands!

Ready to add weight training to your fitness regimen? Find out more about how I can help you get on the right path to fitness by visiting my website,

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