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6 Perks of Dating an Adventure Girl

Photo: Stephanie Dobiecki

Spring is here, the season of new beginnings, and not coincidentally, the time of the year when dating and the the desire to find love is most potent. After spending long winter months in hibernation, singles emerge with good energy that surge at the hint of warm weather. They are well-rested, feel refreshed, and are ready to pursue a romantic endeavor to share this energy with and the euphoric experience that the beauty of spring brings.

Thanks to today’s technology (i.e. Tinder), finding other singles looking for romance is literally at your fingertips. Whether in your current town of residence or on the other side of the world you plan to visit, the possibilities for love are endless!

However, this can also complicate developing a meaningful connection with a potential long-term mate. Even the most insignificant character flaws or the most minor of setbacks can quickly end something that could have been because of unlimited options. To many, moving on to the next is easier than looking beyond the faults to scratch beneath the surface.

If you’re an adventure girl who has recently started dating someone that you’d like to connect with on a deeper level, let this be the article to help make your case. And if you’re the lucky one who has recently started dating an adventure girl, well, here are 6 reasons why you should halt the swiping and give this one a real shot at love:

She Will Bring Excitement Into Your Life

Whether it’s slaying at the office or trekking through the snow of Manaslu, an adventure girl treats each and every part of her life as one big adventure. Whether she was born this way or as a result of an epiphany, she lives life to the fullest as best as she can. Because of this, she enjoys exploring, is always open to new experiences, and will try something at least once, even if it’s out of character for her.

She will rarely reject new ways of experiencing life because, to her, it means personal growth. As long as the resources are available to make it happen and it doesn’t intentionally put her (or you) in danger, you can count on her to bring spontaneity, excitement and variety to your (otherwise humdrum) life. A relationship with an adventure girl will never get dull and boring.

She Will Encourage You To Expand Your Horizons

An adventure girl is well-traveled and has been immersed in so many different cultures and traditions, she has mastered the art of social adaptation. She doesn’t change who she is, rather has broadened her interests and developed an appreciation for the peculiarities in life.

She’s a great partner-in-crime because she’s down to go just about anywhere, try just about anything, and hang out with just about anyone. In time, her adventurous nature will rub off on you and you will be encouraged to join her in her expeditions or go on your own, expanding your horizons as a result.

She Will Spark Your Imagination

Whether she was raised this way or learned it during her adventures, an adventure girl is a deep, enlightened soul who is not afraid to explore questions about the meaning of life and ideas greater than our mind can process. She is also free-spirited who is not easily swayed by society and the opinion of others, so don’t assume that she likes or agrees with something because it’s trendy. Conversations with her will spark your imagination and encourage you to think outside the box, and you will learn something new about yourself every time you hang out.

She Will Remind You To Breathe

When you are feeling overwhelmed and tensed to calm you. When you are dwelling about the past or worrying about the future to bring you back to the present. And when you are moving too fast to slow you down and enjoy the journey. She applies this method in her life to enjoy being in the moment–and she will remind you too!!–because life is too short and precious to let it all pass by without you taking notice.

She Will Let You Live Your Life

Before you came along, she did many things on her own. She is comfortable with being by herself because in solitude is when she reflects and makes the best discoveries about who she is. With an adventure girl, you won’t ever be obligated to be with her at all times, or feel like you’re abandoning her when you want to hang out with friends. She has a life and understands that you have one too. While she enjoys the time that you spend together, she also believes the importance of spending time apart and doing the things you love to do before you met each other. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, after all.

She Will Surround You With ✌ 🙂 ❤

An adventure girl is full of peace, happiness, love and all the positive energies she collected from places that she visited, things that she discovered, and people that she met during her adventures. Because of all that she has experienced, she lives in complete gratitude for the life she was given, and for those people that share it with her, including you.

You will be able to pick her out from a crowd by the strong positive aura emitting from her being and the happy people around her affected by it. She doesn’t hold back from sharing the infinite love that she carries and the good vibes that she brings. You will feel the love even on your very first date, at the moment when she smiles at you as you say “Hello.”

Adventure girls are scarce. Similarly to unicorns, finding these type of females requires the right energy, good timing, and the luck of the Irish. So, if you happen to be one of the few who does, consider yourself fortunate because you are in for a treat.. and most likely an adventurous, happy, passionate, head-over-heels, too-good-to-be-true real kind of long-lasting love. And who doesn’t want that?

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