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7 Reasons Why Group Fitness Works for Me


Struggling to jumpstart your journey to a fit lifestyle? Why not try group fitness because that’s what has worked for me. Here are 7 reasons why it could work for you too:

It’s Less Intimidating Than On Your Own

Walking into a crowded gym with tons of gym equipment can be intimidating, especially if you are new to exercise. In group fitness classes, the instructor is leading everyone through the exercises step by step, through verbal and visual communication, encouraging you from start to finish.

The Built-In Workout Buddies

How many times have you said,“ I would go to the gym, but I don’t have anyone to go with me!” Group fitness eliminates that issue. The group is there completing the same exercises as you, sweating like you, and celebrating like you!

You Get Motivation From the Group

It’s easier to slack off and skip that last set of burpees when you are alone. But not in group fitness! One of the most beautiful things I’ve witnessed in group exercise is when strangers make a connection through a shared experience. An individual sees another struggling with the last set and looks over and says, “Come on, girl, we got this!” You can’t get motivation like that alone!

The Price is Nice

Group fitness classes range from $5-$15 in most cases. A personal training session is usually $25-$60. Instructors are able to lead large amounts of people in one time block, therefore able to train for a discounted rate. Take advantage!

The Routines are Fresh

Sometimes we all get in a fitness rut. We have the same workout card that we complete religiously every week. This can make fitness boring or make you reach a plateau. In group classes, the routines usually change every 8 weeks. You learn a variety of exercises that keeps your body working in various ways to break through those plateaus. It also keeps you interested in the class.

You Learn Proper Technique and Form

Sometimes, we aren’t seeing results due to the fact we lack proper form. Most group fitness instructors hold certifications in the classes they teach, and many are certified personal trainers. Having the instruction on form and technique from a knowledgeable instructor makes all the difference in the workout.

It’s SO MUCH Fun!

I cannot express this enough! There’s great music to keep you moving, energetic instructors and enthusiastic participants! The energy felt in a great group fitness class is an experience that cannot be duplicated anywhere else. It’s a high that will make you addicted!

So, come out and join me in one or a few of the group fitness classes I host! Learn more or sign up now at

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