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6 Reasons Why I Look Forward To Spring

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After a long cold winter in the Northeast, spring brings an air of excitement and the beginning of endless possibilities. It is a time of rebirth, rejuvenation, and to awaken to new opportunities. There are so many reasons why I look forward to Spring–but here are my TOP 6:

Natural Wakeup Calls

I am looking forward to being awaken by the bright sun peeking through the window curtains, and the birds singing their spring songs so loudly that it becomes my new alarm clock.

Spending More Time Outdoors

I enjoy taking a short lunch time walks. It is a great way to step away from the busyness at work, force myself to get some air to clear my mind and to get a few extra steps, while admiring the beauty of nature blooming. I may grab a friend or take my meetings outdoors. It helps foster more creative ideas!

Also, instead of rushing home after work, I enjoy taking my kids to the nearby playground to run, jump, and give me an excuse to join in the fun.

Early Morning Outdoor Workouts

Before responsibilities can claim large parts of my day, I enjoy beginning with an early morning workout outdoors. To watch the sun rise while working up a sweat with stretching set a happy and positive tone for the day.

Grill Master Time

The warmer weather entices my family to even cook outside. Grilling our favorite foods make dinner preparation more enjoyable because I can take advantage of the longer hours of daylight and warm evenings instead of being stuck in the kitchen.

Spring Cleaning

It is so refreshing to thrust open all of the windows in my home and allow in the fresh air. It signals my need to let go of anything that holds me back from living a happy and healthy life. Spring is a great excuse to get rid of all the clutter that I allowed to accumulate over the winter. I will turn on some dance tunes and even try to get the whole family involved to make this activity fun for all of us.

Summer Is Coming!

Most of all, spring is a big indicator that summer is soon to arrive.

These are just a few reasons why Spring awakens a refreshing air of a new beginning. What are you looking forward to doing this Spring?

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