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4 Reasons Why You’ll Find Me at The Hot Yoga Spot Every Winter

Photo: Meghan Wilcox

Every winter, I make it my fitness goal to have my BEST BODY YET! just in time for summer. Really, it’s my way to avoid becoming a slouch on the couch, something that is really easy to do when it’s brutally cold outside and you’d prefer to be in front of a TV under layers.

But since I discovered The Hot Yoga Spot five years ago, I’ve been successful at achieving this goal every year. Although I am at my strongest ever, I continue to make this studio chain my yoga and barre spot in the Capital Region during winter months for these four reasons:

The Classes Are HOT, HOT, HOT!

And I’m not just talking about the room temperature. The yoga and barre instructors are passionate about their practice, it exudes in the energy of their teachings. When you have extraordinary instructors who have love for what they do and know their stuff, you have extraordinary classes that serve their purpose, resulting in a lot of sweaty, stronger and happy yogis. This is the case for The Hot Yoga Spot.

They offer 200 classes per week, so there is a hot yoga class for everyone: Hot Yoga Flow for beginners; Gentle Yoga for a deep relaxation and healing experience;  Prenatal Yoga for mom-to-bes (not hot); Barkan hot yoga for something more challenging; and Bikram if you really like it hot.. just to name a few. Classes range from 60-90 minutes in duration, and most are taught in a 90-degree room (with the exception of Prenatal which is not hot, and Bikram, which is in a 105-degree room).

The Locations Are Convenient To The Capital Region

I remember a couple of years ago when The Hot Yoga Spot opened its first studio in Albany (Guilderland). It was in a little house off of Fuller Road right across Stuyvesant Plaza. You could only fit a dozen of people in the studio, if that. Classes offered were few and far in between.

Today, because of the drive and tenacity of the businesswoman behind it, Jessica Lustig Fuller, The Hot Yoga Spot has five locations all over the Capital Region–Albany (Guilderland), Clifton Park, Latham, East Greenbush and Saratoga, so there is one near you. She also just expanded the flagship studio in Albany (Guilderland) to add even more classes for the growing demand, and plans to open more studios in the near future. Talk about going after your dreams!

Body So Barre Strong - The Hot Yoga Spot, Albany, NY [Photo: Meghan Wilcox]

Body So Barre Strong – The Hot Yoga Spot, Albany, NY [Photo: Meghan Wilcox]

The Studio Is Like Your Second Home

Once you take a class or two at The Hot Yoga Spot, you will get hooked. This often happens, you will begin to recognize and become chummy with the regulars who have made The Hot Yoga Spot part of their routine as it becomes yours.

Bundled with a warm, welcoming studio and a friendly staff makes up a big, happy yogi family, turning The Hot Yoga Spot into your second home. Take advantage of their $140 month ($115 for students) unlimited class membership and get your dose of yoga and barre at any studio, at any time and for as many times as you’d like.

Barre Bootcamp Hurts Your Body SO Good

I’ve written about this before, but I love The Hot Yoga Spot’s Barre Bootcamp classes so much, I felt it was worth mentioning again. It’s the kind of love where I will actually be excited to get up at 5:30 in the morning to catch the six o’clock class (with Kayla in Guilderland) and endure the good pain that Barre Bootcamp brings to my body.

It’s because this class is super effective if you’re looking to get stronger, toner, leaner and longer, things I thought I would never see my body do. The instructors incorporate yoga, Pilates, balls, bands, weights, cardio, and of course, the ballet barre within the hour to make sure your body does just that. Take Julia’s class if you are just starting out or prefer more yoga, Vicki’s if you want more barre, Kayla’s for more bootcamp, or Suzanne’s if you want to really burn calories.

So, ready to work on your summer body this winter? First-time visitors pay only $25 for unlimited week trial where you can take as many classes you want for seven consecutive days. For more information or to find a studio near you, check out www.

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