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4 Female Fitness Forces Who Will Truly Inspire You – January 2016 Picks

The ideal start to the new year is with motivation to achieve our personal goals, whether in fitness or life in general. But sometimes, that’s just not enough to actually do it.

Thank goodness for these FEMALE FORCES–an entrepreneur/runner, a professional surfer, a female executive/football player, and an OCR athlete–who have made examples of themselves to remind us that with determination and consistent hard work, our goals can be realized–our January picks:

Brae Buckley, Founder of ZOOMA Race Series [Photo: ZOOMA Race Series]

Brae Buckley, Founder of ZOOMA Race Series [Photo: ZOOMA Women’s Race Series]

Brae Blackley, Founder of ZOOMA Women’s Race Series

It was during a transition in her life when Brae Buckley wanted to take a stab at entrepreneurship and combine it with her love for running to start the ZOOMA Women’s Race Series. Women-only races were limited at the time, so she saw an opportunity to fill a void, taking a year off from corporate law to put together ZOOMA’s first race in Annapolis, MD, which attracted well over 1,500 runners.

Eight years later, ZOOMA has become the race to run for women looking for a “fit girls weekend” in awe-aspiring destinations. In collaboration with her sister, Brooke Reiley, Brae makes it her mission to not just put on a race, but create a unique “girls weekend getaway” experience of fitness, pampering and celebration of womanhood. Being a fitness fanatic all her life, Brae understood first-hand the impact of fitness and healthy living, “leading to her passion for inspiring women to realize their full potential through active living”. She is the reason why many women run!

But what keeps Brae inspired? “I’m constantly challenged with providing new challenges for women runners that will keep them interested and engaged with the ZOOMA brand. It’s exciting and terrifying at the same time! What’s a great idea one year might be a dog the next. But I’m always finding inspiration from other women entrepreneurs and their successful businesses. People are so creative, and surrounding and immersing myself in that creativity is inspiring.”

Follow Brae on Twitter.

Carissa Moore, Professional Surfer [Photo: Facebook]

Carissa Moore, Professional Surfer [Photo: Facebook]

Carissa Moore, Professional Surfer

Carissa Moore is a woman born to ride waves. With 6 ASP Women’s World Tour victories, 2 ASP WQS 6-Star wins and 11 NSSA Titles under her belt at only the age of 23, she is a definitive proof that women can dominate a sport as good as men. She is also the youngest female world champion in history, with her first win in 2011 at age 19.

Carissa’s athleticism was apparent at a very young age; she mastered balancing on a surfboard at only two years old. With the guidance of her father and support from her family, she began competing in surfing competitions around Hawaii at age six, turning heads and eventually landing a sponsor deal with Roxy. It was when she was ten years old that she made her breakthrough and was named one of the best surfers under 17 in Hawaii. In 2004, Surfer Magazine named her “Breakthrough Performer of the Year”, and later she won the Billabong Junior Pro Competition.

But even with all the success and celebrity status–she was named one of Glamour’s Women of the Year in 2013–Clarissa lives like a normal girl, making her family, her boyfriend and finishing high school a priority, and dealing with body image issues.

“What does she have to say to girls and young women dealing with the same thing? “I think it’s important for girls to know that everyone goes through these struggles, so don’t feel alone. Find a healthy way to get through it and embrace yourself, embrace the journey.”

Find Carissa on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Tamara Jarrett, Tackle Football Player & Executive Director of Women's Football Foundation [Photo: CarolinaPhoenixFootball.com]

Tamara Jarrett, Executive Director of Women’s Football Foundation [Photo: CarolinaPhoenixFootball.com]

Tamara Jarrett, Executive Director of Women’s Football Foundation

In her business attire, she is President and Co-Founder of CORE Unlimited, a sports and recreation consulting and business development firm with clients throughout the United States; in her football uniform, she is a Linebacker/Tight End for Carolina Phoenix. And with her vast knowledge in sports management and background in football–she is a three-time All-American in collegiate football, there is no question why Tamara Jarrett was appointed Executive Director of the Women’s Football Foundation.

Women’s Football Foundation “supports and promotes football, competition and contact sport education for women and girls”. Through this 501(c)(3), Tamara hopes to make tackle football available to all women and girls while providing them the proper tools and resources

But what drives her as an executive, football player and to spearhead WFF’s campaign? “I am driven by living a meaningful, purpose-filled life that will, hopefully, make things better for those around me and those who will come after me. For me, that has manifested in the pursuit of healthy living, continuous growth, and challenging boundaries that I’ve placed on myself or society has placed on me.

Living a life free from meaningless boundaries, redefining our potential, and then pursuing that potential with faith and confidence is the purest expression of freedom. Although it is not always without a cost, I have found that it has always been worth every cent and every sacrifice.”

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Corinna Coffin, Professional OCR Athlete [Photo: BattleFrog Series]

Corinna Coffin, Professional OCR Athlete [Photo: BattleFrog Series]

Corinna Coffin, Professional OCR Athlete

Corinna Coffin is a professional Obstacle Course Racer who has reigned supreme in many races she’s competed in, placing 2nd among the female elites in the 2014 Spartan Race World Championship in Killington, VT, as her most victorious (so far).

This comes as no surprise to those that know Corinna personally. Growing up on a horse farm with three athletic brothers encouraged her to take up sports early on–playing soccer in grade school, lacrosse and cross-country in high school (who she led to win State Championships), and lacrosse and triathlon in college.

Incorporating her love for CrossFit, it was only a matter of time when Corinna would realize that she had been training for obstacle course racing, eventually competing and placing first in her first, the BattleFrog DC race, and from that point on, getting hooked.

But why? “Everyone in the sport, whether they are competitive or do it just for fun, comes from [all] walks of life, each with their own story of how they got to where they are now. It’s really quite remarkable how one sport can bring together so many different people who all share a common mission: to face life’s obstacles and learn to overcome them.”

When not competing, Corinna works as BattleFrog Race Series Lifestyle Director, trail running with her dog, watching rom-coms with her boyfriend, and experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen.

Catch up with Corrine on Facebook and Instagram.

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