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Fall In Love (Again) with Fall, and Fitness Garb We Love To Rock in the Process

Photo: Joan Misa

There’s something so magical about autumn in the Northeast. And while it follows a season disliked by many residents and visitors alike, it’s something most would endure over and over again just to have days like these, and could never trade it for anything in the world!

If you haven’t already experienced it for yourself, believe us when we say it’s one of the best times to be outdoors. Whether taking a refreshing stroll on a nearby park during your lunch break, riding the tandem bike with your S.O. to the local flea market, or going on a weekend camping trip up in the mountains with your #Grrlsquad, you will find bliss in the fall season. Heck, you may just fall in love with your life all over again!

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Into The Woods - Woodford State Park, Bennington, VT [Photo: Joan Misa]

Into The Woods – Woodford State Park, Bennington, VT [Photo: Joan Misa]

That’s what happened to us when we spent it in the mountains of Vermont, rightfully dubbed the Green Mountain State. We began our mini-exploration in Woodford State Park in Bennington. A camper’s paradise, Woodford State Park offers many basic amenities as well as access to recreational trails and a large body of water for swimming, boating, and other water activities, the Adams Reservoir. In the summer, this place can get packed; but fall, not so much so we found ourselves in solitude most of the time.

Here, we explored the Atwood Trail, an easy half-mile loop along the shoreline as a warm up (20-30 minutes to complete depending on your pace and fitness level). In early October, the leaves are just beginning to change so we saw more green than yellow, red and oranges walking on the trail. As soon as we finished the loop, we walked to the reservoir beach to look at the colorful reflection of the trees on the water. We sat in the parked rowboat and meditated for a while.

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These Autumn Leaves - Woodford State Park, Bennington, VT [Photo: Joan Misa]

These Autumn Leaves – Woodford State Park, Bennington, VT [Photo: Joan Misa]

Next was Molly Stark State Park in Wilmington, 20-miles east of Woodford, where we hiked the Mt. Olga Trail up to the fire tower. This trail is about two miles long and gradually ascends with “several switchbacks through northern hardwoods, and spruce and fir woodlands” (1.5-2 hours to complete one way).

A bit of a workout of a hike, and many obstacles along the trail, but totally worth it because, again, you are engulfed in the colors, and at the end of the trail is the fire tower which overlooks the surrounding areas. Great for watching sunset, but make sure you time it right so you aren’t hiking back in the dark.

At the end of the day, we headed to the Hogback Mountain Scenic Overlook in Marlboro, just a couple of minutes east of Molly Stark, not for shopping, but to get one final look of the Northeastern fall. This overlook is a tourist attraction, and no wonder because what you see in the horizon this time of the year is like an oil painting; the colors are too vivid to be real life.

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Balanced Mind, Body + Heart - Molly Stark State Park, Wilmington, VT [Photo: Joan Misa]

Balanced Mind, Body + Heart – Molly Stark State Park, Wilmington, VT [Photo: Joan Misa]

We stayed to watch the sunset and witnessed the colors change at every minute the sun disappeared. From here, you can see the forested lands and mountains which connect Vermont to New Hampshire (east) and Massachusetts (south), a simple reminder that we are all connected. We gazed in awe, and in silence thanked the universe for the magic that was happening before our eyes.

A couple of weeks from now when winter begins and we’re huddled in our cozy homes, the trees, the grass, the forests, and the great mountains will lose all of its bright colors and turn brownish-gray, making days like these even easier to appreciate. But that’s the magic of the four seasons in the Northeast; if you miss out on the opportunity to experience the beauty of fall this time around, you can always do it at this time next year.

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