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Race to Run: ZOOMA Women’s Race Series

Looking to do a real fitness retreat with your girlfriends? Let it be a ZOOMA weekend! Founded and run by an all-female operation, because who knows what women want better than other women, ZOOMA Women’s Race Series is an empowering weekend-ful of pampering, training, socializing, and of course, running with hundreds of your soon-to-be gal pals in the most beautiful spots in the nation.

Its inaugural race was held in Annapolis, MD, in 2008, and over the years has expanded to six other “awe-inspiring destinations” including Napa Valley, CA, Colorado Springs, CO, and Cape Cod, MA, to name a few, bringing together women of all ages and fitness levels to achieve a shared fitness goal while celebrating the awesomeness that is womanhood.

You can run a half-marathon, 10K or 5K–whatever your running ambition is, the choice is up to you. Come the night before to check out the fitness expo, preview the course, or be inspired by the guest speaker. Stay after the race to celebrate your achievement with your newfound fitness friends, participate in recovery yoga, and watch the awards ceremony..or receive an award if you’re one of the top finishers.

Schedule of activities vary by race, but one thing is certain for all: the ZOOMA Dream Team has designed each and every ZOOMA race to be one for the books. You and your girls are guaranteed to have such a great time, you’ll want to turn it into an annual tradition! More information or find a race near you at www.ZOOMARun.com.

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