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Race to Run: Color Me Rad 5K Race Series

Get splatted in the colors of the rainbow at Color Me Rad 5K! This race high-energy, feel-good and fun, you can’t help but associate running as a pleasurable experience after doing your first one! Yes–we believe you’ll do this more than once! Since this is considered a fun run, you aren’t being timed so there is no added pressure to do well. All you have to do is get from the starting line to the finish in any way you are able to–running, jogging, power-walking or even just strolling along.

The concept is fairly simple: throughout the 3.11 mile course, volunteers from the sidelines cover you in non-toxic, non-rash inducing, gluten-free cornstarch in colors of the rainbow. Loosely based on the Hindu Festival of Colors, “the festive colors used are a sign of winter’s end and spring’s new beginnings, or in the case of RAD, the end of lame runs and the beginning of fun runs”. Check out this RAD video to see what we’re talking about:


Color Me Rad has partnered up with feedONE, a national charity that provides meals for hungry children around the world. Once you register for the race, you have the option to become a feedONE supporter by doing a fundraiser on behalf of the charity: $10 feeds a hungry child for one month.

Every race also benefits a local charity selected to receive a portion of the $45-60 (depending on when you register and which race you do) you spend on registration. You can register as an individual, join a team or start your own–but we always recommend doing fun runs with friends. All of this information is listed on the event page of the race you sign up for which can be found at www.ColorMeRad5K.com. Oh, and make sure you wear a lot of white to get the FULL effect!

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