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Race to Run: BattleFrog Obstacle Race Series

Seasoned obstacle racer and need something more challenging? BattleFrog Race Series may just be what you’re looking for! This race is designed by Navy SEALs and SEABEES to make you “stronger with every step”, featuring 25+ obstacles placed in unique terrains within the 8K course (about 5 miles) to push your physical limits and test your mental abilities beyond what you’ve gotten used to with other races.

This obstacle race is not your ordinary fun run, and definitely not for beginners. You are encouraged to train hard, and will be provided the knowledge, tools and resources you need to be victorious at the race “prepared exclusively by Professional Athlete, Coach and Lifestyle Director Corinna Coffin”.

How hardcore is BattleFrog? So hard that it is considered one of the most challenging Elite Points Series in Obstacle Course Racing, and has put up the largest cash purse in OCR history of $1 million to round up the best of the best to compete in the race.

This is for the really competitive athletes who can run 16K+ and endure 44+ obstacles the fastest and strongest–you must meet these other qualifying requirements in order to compete. There is also the BattleFrog Mile with 10 obstacle course for those that just want a taste, and the Tadpole Dash for the little ones (ages 4-8) that want to get in the fun too! For more information, or to register for a race near you, go to www.BattleFrogSeries.com.

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