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Girlnetic: Revived and (A)LIVE!

We are excited to announce that the new and much improved Girlnetic is here! We were on hiatus for a couple of months to reflect on our journey and reevaluate our purpose–just what we needed to do to revive Girlnetic–and once we figured it all out, we got right down to business so that we can begin to once again fulfill our mission to get women excited about fitness and healthy living.

Our mission has always been clear; how we were going to deliver that wasn’t. During our hiatus, we realized all we needed to do was go back to basics, transforming Girlnetic into what it is now: the ultimate fitness and adventure guide created to awaken the inner fitness fanatic, athlete and adventurer in ALL women.

With this transformation comes a brand new website with new content and features including instructional, informative and inspirational stories, empowering snapshots of female fitness forces in action, and the most comprehensive fitness directory to connect you to local events, groups and providers so that you can create your own memorable fitness adventure. And this is just where we begin. We are excited to evolve with you overtime!

Because at Girlnetic, we get it. We get YOU. Fitness and healthy living means investing a lot of time in yourself and, as women with biological need to nurture, we tend to put everyone and everything else before us. Especially when it comes to doing something many of us don’t particularly like do; we will keep ourselves busy in order to avoid doing it.

As we continue to build Girlnetic, know that we have YOU–your time, your likes, your interests, your struggles, your dislikes–in mind and make it our goal to help make this part of your life a little bit easier to maintain and a lot harder to neglect. Because you’ll be having too much fun to stop. You got this. And we got YOU!

We must add that all of this would not be possible if it weren’t for the individuals, local businesses, organizations and brands who believed in our mission during our infancy and worked with us in taking steps towards fulfilling it. This website was revamped and relaunched as a token of our gratitude for their efforts, and proof that their time invested in Girlnetic were not wasted. THANK YOU!

Now browse on and let us know if you see any grammatical errors, misspellings, missing pages, non-working forms, broken links, etc. We are perfectionists and will continue to work relentlessly for this website to be seamless. Any other feedback for improvements is welcome, or if you want to just send us love. You can also find us on Facebook, Google+, InstagramPintrest and Twitter to see us in action!

Whether you’ve been with us from the very beginning or are just discovering this website for the first time ever, thank you for being part of this phase as we begin anew. We look forward to taking every solid and even rocky step with you as you begin your journey towards a healthier, happier and more exhilarating life–the Girlnetic way-of-life!



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