The Sweat Behind the Studio: Gail Tassarotti, Ballet Instructor and Owner of Albany Dance & Fitness

Photo: Albany Dance & Fitness

We gotta give it to Gail Tassarotti, Ballet Instructor and Owner of Albany Dance & Fitness. She worked a desk job all her life just so she can follow her dream of having a dance school of her own to continue her practice as well as teach to others something she loves so much ever since childhood: BALLET.

From time to time, we like to get to know the people that run the facilities we like to frequent. Recently, we took a ballet class at the Albany Dance & Fitness to check out the studio, and had the honor of having Gail as our instructor. She was so patient and passionate with her teachings that we became curious to find out the source of her passion–and the story behind the studio. Gail is such a sweet lady that she didn’t hesitate to sit and talk with us:

Girlnetic: What got you into ballet? What made you decide to open a studio?

Gail Tassarotti: I started ballet when I was 7 years old [after seeing a dance performance on TV]. I started teaching ballet to adults when I was in high school [while continuing] my practice in Beacon, NY. I always dreamed of opening a dance school, so I got a an accounting degree so that I would have the business background. After college, I was offered an accounting job for the State, so I worked full-time and taught ballet classes at night at local studios. I finally opened Albany Dance & Fitness after retiring from working for the State. My studio opened in July 2011.

Girlnetic: How is ballet different from other forms of dance?

Gail: Ballet is the basis for many forms of dance.

Girlnetic: Why would you recommend ballet as part of women’s (and men’s) fitness regimen? What are the benefits of doing ballet?

Gail: Ballet helps improve balance. It also lengthens muscles. Many of my students take ballet because they find that it relieves stress. There is so much to think about during ballet–proper technique, balance, musicality, expression, and the steps–that you don’t have time to think about how bad of a day you had at work, or what you have on your to-do list, etc.

Girlnetic: What types of services does your studio provide? What makes Albany Dance & Fitness the “go-to” studio for ballet in Albany?

Gail: Albany Dance & Fitness offers dance and fitness classes for both teens and adults. There are no little children at the studio so adults feel more comfortable. The classes are small so that students receive individual attention. We have many students who danced when they were younger, and there are some that [have never done it before]. Most of our classes are available on a drop-in basis, so that students are able to fit in classes as their schedule allows.

Girlnetic: For those that want to try ballet for the first time in your studio–do you offer any deals or discounts for first-timers?

Gail: From time to time, we offer deals though Groupon, Living Social, and CrowdSavings. We also offer class cards for some classes. Our classes are affordable so discounts are unnecessary.

You can catch Gail at one of her classes on Tuesday nights (5:45PM Balletone, 6:30PM Beginner Ballet, 7:30PM Intermediate Ballet) or Wednesday nights (5:45PM Mixed Level Ballet or 6:45PM Balletone). Albany Dance and Fitness is located at 1197 Central Avenue, Albany, NY. For more information, or to sign up for one of these classes, please visit

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