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Fitness Fabulous In Onzie Yogawear

Since the “healthy and active lifestyle” movement gained momentum over the past couple of years–and for the better because many of us just got sick and tired of feeling sick and tired– the number of fitness apparel brands skyrocketed.

Before then, shopping for workout apparel wasn’t all that exciting. You were limited to big brand names that mostly catered to male athletes and carried a line unflattering to the female body. Because of the minimal options, you were subjected to a boxy cotton tee and a pair of your brother’s old basketball shorts. How are you supposed to associate fitness with feeling good looking frumpy in your attempt to take a post-gym selfie in the mirror?

But today, sky’s the limit!

With so many new fitness brands popping up everywhere, and a more varied assortment of versatile workout gear to choose from, you can’t help but be excited to finally have the wardrobe that complements your new fit lifestyle. At the same time, the upsurge can be overwhelming—so many colors and prints, patterns and cuts, shapes and functions!–so you wish that things could just go back to a simple tee and pair of shorts.

Tangentially, that is one of the reasons why Girlnetic was created; to make it a little bit easier for you to make decision on matters related to your journey towards a healthy and more active lifestyle, including what to wear and which fitness brands and styles work best for your body. Bringing us back to THIS particular brand.

One With Nature + Onzie - Thacher State Park, Voorheesville, NY

One With Nature + Onzie – Thacher State Park, Voorheesville, NY

During this outburst of new fitness brands and collections, one stood out to me: Onzie Yogawear. Why? Firstly, Onzie (pronounced “OWN-zee”) was one of the firsts, if not THE FIRST (that I noticed, anyways), to use bold, playful, attention-grabbing prints, so you will immediately stand out.

Second: the cut and style of each piece fits and flatters the female body so perfectly, you can’t help but want to wear it all day. Thank goodness for the Free-Flow Fabric Technology that they use for each piece, and the softness, comfortability and versatility of each style, YOU CAN!

When you put on an Onzie piece, even on a day when you’re feeling a little “blah”, you immediately gain self-confidence–you’ll feel absolutely fabulous! The type that motivates you to tackle that crow pose you’ve been meaning to do at hot yoga, or kick ass at that cardioboxing class you’ve been dreading all day.

Because when you look good, you feel good, therefore perform better, right? Our favorite styles of the season: the Galaxy-print long leggings and matching criss-cross sports bra (pictured above). Who thought fitness could look so good on you? Apparently, Onzie does. 🙂

Did we mention that Onzie is 100% made in the great U.S. of A? All parts of our process including knitting, dyeing, cutting, sewing, photography, marketing, distribution and design all happen in Los Angeles, CA. For more information about Onzie, or to browse and purchase from the online shop, please visit By buying Onzie, you are helping an American business thrive. Hooray for all!

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