Jumpstart2013 Featured Vendor: Electric City Boxing

Electric City Boxing

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Girlnetic’s Jumpstart to Fitness! 2013 is only a few weeks away! That is why in the coming weeks you will see blog posts about some of our featured vendors. This Monday, we have Gina Guetti of Electric City Boxing.

At the age of nine Gina’s passion and training in Shotokan karate began. Today she is a fourth degree black belt in Shotokan karate, a certified boxing/kickoxing instructor with the AFPA and a registered coach for USA Boxing.

“I see my training as a gift that has given back to me in many aspects of my life. I want to share that gift with others by passing on my knowledge. That’s why I started Electric City Boxing,” she said. “I see myself as an artist as much as I see myself as an athlete. Fighting is an art-like dancing, it’s about rhythm and timing. That’s what makes it beautiful.”

Gina says her motto for the gym is “Train. Learn. Grow.”  She says teaching boxing and kickboxing isn’t only rewarding but having the ability to watch her students learn a skill that they will take with them wherever they go, no matter what path they pursue in life; there is nothing better.

Electric City Boxing offers boxing and kickboxing fitness classes, open gym times, sparring, individual instruction and amateur competition. Drop-in fees are $14 and monthly membership costs are $68.  Monthly membership includes all available boxing and kickboxing classes as well as sparring.

At Jumpstart2013, she will be demonstrating some basic techniques and drills worked in her classes, as well as some mitt work.

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