Trapeze School New York is High-Flying Fun!


I’ve always wanted to try a trapeze class ever since Carrie and her crew did it on Sex and the City, haven’t we all? Last fall, I finally got a chance to fly with several other magazine editors to celebrate the launch of photographer Tamara Lackey’s book and DVD Capturing Life Through (Better) Photography; she also took the photo of me to the right (I look so calm before the thrill!).

We even got to try trapeze the same spot where SATC filmed — Trapeze School New York. After a quick safety session, we got buckled into our safety harnesses, dusted our hands with chalk and climbed the ladder to leap to our death into the air. We started with a simple trick — swinging out of the net and putting our knees up onto the bar. Eventually we progressed to letting go, and finally letting go and doing a flip to the net.

I had no problem mastering the first few tricks, despite feeling much more fearful of heights than I remembered. The key to completing feats on the trapeze is good ol’ fashioned listening. The spotters yell out cues to help you time your jump from the platform, letting go, flipping, and so on with the swaying of the trapeze. Oh, and one little secret. | Blog | Trapeze School New York is High-Flying Fun

The spotter holding the safety ropes on the ground doesn’t just save your life, he also works a little magic against gravity, pulling the ropes to keep you in the air a little longer so you have enough to complete the tricks. Sure you still need to do some work on your own, but I probably would not have had such a great flight without his help. (Shout out to the spotters of Trapeze School New York!)

When it was time for the final trick — flying out and grabbing the hands of another trapeze artist who would then pull you off of your trapeze bar (yikes!). As I stood on the platform waiting for the cue to jump, I kept telling myself, “You can do this, you can do this!” Yet I failed my first attempt. When I hit the net my spotter gave me a little “pep” talk, “How many times a week do you workout?” he asked. “Look at you, you can do this, you’re just scared.” Scared? Who me? Don’t call me scared, even if maybe I was a little jittery. So I marched right back up to that platform and accomplished the task — of course, said heckling spotter pulled his own weight…er, my weight to help me succeed.

Bottom Line: Flying on the trapeze was nothing short of exhilarating and when I was done, I felt an amazing sense of accomplishment. For those two hours of class, I was a superwoman — with the power to fly and everything! The second I left Trapeze School New York I wanted to go back. Funny thing, I still haven’t returned for round two.

So who wants to go take another trapeze class with me? Let me know in the comments. We promise to score a sweet deal for you. Come on Girlnetics, let’s fly!